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Sony Ericsson W302


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Sony Ericsson W302
Sony Ericsson W302
Sony Ericsson W302
Network: - GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
- SAR: 0.95 W/kg (10g).
Announced: 2008, July
Status: Available
Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 10.5 mm
Weight: 78 g
Type: TFT, 256K colors
Size: 176 x 220 pixels, 2.0 inches
- Downloadable wallpapers, screensavers
Type: 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels
Features: video(QCIF 15fps), 2.5x digital zoom
Ringtones: Polyphonic, MP3, AAC
Video: video recording
Audio: - Walkman player
- FM radio with RDS
- TrackID music recognition
Memory, OS and CPU:
Phonebook: 1000 entries, Photocall
Call records: 40 dialed, 40 received, 40 missed calls
Card slot: Memory Stick Micro (M2), 512 MB card included
- 20 MB shared memory
Processor: N/A
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
3G No
EDGE: Class 10, 236.8 kbps
Bluetooth: Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
Infrared: No
USB: Yes
Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email
Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games: 3D games, download now
Colors: Midnight Black - Sparkling White
Others: - Java MIDP 2.0
- Organiser
- Built-in handsfree
- Voice memo
- T9
Power Management:
Battery: Standard battery, Li-Po
Stand-by: Up to 300 h
Talk time: Up to 7 h

  User Ratings:  
  Design: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 5.00 (2 Votes)
  Camera: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 3.25 (4 Votes)
  Battery: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.00 (2 Votes)
  Sound: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 1.00 (2 Votes)
  OS: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.00 (1 Vote)
  Price/quality: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 3.00 (1 Vote)



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#1 Biggie 2011-03-31 12:16
31.10.2008 19:53

got this today, not that good sound.. =( and I don't know how to get themes to it..
+1 #2 DrEaM 2011-03-31 12:17
09.11.2008 20:20

plz get themes for sony ericsson w302!!!!! :rolleyes:
#3 Dr.A 2011-03-31 12:17
01.12.2008 03:11

Sony's given a lot of competition to nokia in the segment.. its a wonderful budget walkman phone.. EVEN if it doesn't have theme.. I kinda hoped it would have a better screen resolution like the G502 though (320x240)
#4 Anonyme 2011-03-31 12:17
04.12.2008 17:16

I just got it today, very good :thumbsup:
#5 comments 2011-03-31 12:20
07.12.2008 11:09
srinu says:
it's like a copy of nokia

07.12.2008 14:16
manimal says:
fantastic phone !

16.12.2008 09:39
sarathy says:
waste useless

16.12.2008 16:22
ninad jad says:
the overall phone is good but the sound is very low, also we cannot install theme directly for that you want MyPhoneExplorer software install on your computer, in short i have this phone but not satisfied because of sound still it is walkman :sigh:

17.12.2008 17:23
NMG says:
Hey how to apply themes to this fone... D sound is ok... Nokia 5310 is Better..

21.12.2008 16:55
Pramod says:
Phone looks are good but one worst thing in dis mobile is we cannot change themes if any body can please help g302 Pramodks90[]gmail.com

26.12.2008 14:48
bhaw says:
how can i download free games on my w302 :question:

27.12.2008 10:43
Cryyyyyyyyy says:
Hey plz some1 :cry:I got ... that Myphone explorer latest version butttt when i try to connect my Mobile with usb (My com doesn't have bluetooth) it says "Phone could not b identified" !!!? ... plz some1how can i fix that :sad:rly want themes

27.12.2008 21:59
Cecilie says:
I have this phone, its very good :-)But I want some themes to it.

01.01.2009 14:55
aman says:
phone is very slim, but I'm not able to apply themes. plz help

02.01.2009 06:53
nepu says:
I also have this phone :lol:,but the internet no this model's theme :cry:

04.01.2009 09:36
murmeklis says:
no themes for this phone:!: Exclamation phone was made by sagem so u cant have themes on this. Still nice phone but if i could choose i would choose Nokia 5310, which is more finished(better almost in all aspects) than SE w302.

05.01.2009 08:07
prasad says:
me too its good but less sound and low quality cam but its nice to see. :-)

05.01.2009 08:09
prasad says:
let me know that, is it support inbuilt themes not installed themes

05.01.2009 16:57
ram prasad says:
:oops:no very bad one to use this cell

06.01.2009 00:33
cristian says:
to change themes you have to go to menu>settings>d isplay> themes...there you got 4 o 5 more...that's the only thing I can tell you

19.01.2009 21:53
shawn says:
how to get themes & games for sony w 302

22.01.2009 07:57
ravi says:
junk model :mad:

24.01.2009 08:13
anil says:
try to make the sound high :mad:

28.01.2009 17:17
skorpion says:
the worst things about SE w302 are the themes :evil:

28.01.2009 19:29
Sundeep says:
Hay the sound is pretty much low.i thought it would be great in sound but :cry:,another thing themes..come on some one help me

04.02.2009 11:08
Vairavraj says:
Hay, how to install themes software in my mobile. it has very useless themes. :sad:
#6 Balaji 2011-03-31 12:21
09.02.2009 09:40

This model with sagem,s support is the worst of its kind in WALKMEN series @ low sound, low resolution of the camera even though it is 2 MP from Sony Erricson. Please go for a alternative model. :oops:
#7 arjun 2011-03-31 12:22
11.02.2009 05:42

totally wasteeeee
#8 hari 2011-03-31 12:22
24.02.2009 04:55

how can i get themes for W302????
#9 soto 2011-03-31 12:22
02.03.2009 14:26

how can i get that stupid themes for W302 please someone help me!!
#10 piyush 2011-03-31 12:22
02.03.2009 14:27

I got this phone today i feel like throwing it on the wall how 2 get the themes yarr somebody help me out
sanjog stha
#11 sanjog stha 2011-03-31 12:22
02.03.2009 15:49

every one's same problem and it's how to get themes. speaker has very low sound ,that's bad and picture quality is bad too..only the outer look is good :evil:
#12 grexbo 2011-03-31 12:23
04.03.2009 19:09

It has very low sound.. After the k750i wonder, it is a bad phone... And keeps crashing in 2 days, have to reset it. how can they say a budget phone which has a price 150 €? .. bad SE. This phone needs urgent Firmware update...
#13 sravan 2011-03-31 12:23
05.03.2009 06:08

very bad phone in walkman series in fact in sonyericson.bet ter not to buy this one.Low sound,worst themes,bad picture quality and so on........only one one good thing is looking..not that great but ok.
#14 nice 2011-03-31 12:24
17.03.2009 01:25

I'm not satisfied with this unit it's boring..I cant apply my downloaded themes... :mad:
praveen mlrit
#15 praveen mlrit 2011-03-31 12:24
20.03.2009 10:08

no sound properly i am very much disappointed better try w910i plzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz
#16 Padhu 2011-03-31 12:24
29.03.2009 06:05

Worst release from SonyEricson, Poor battery backup, Poor camera clarity, Poor Sound. Totally POOR.
#17 watever 2011-03-31 12:25
01.04.2009 15:44

I got this phone like 4 days ago,n I'm facing a lot of problems...damn ,i know i should had gotten nokia xpressmusic,ugh hhhhhhhhhhhhh!! !! :mad:
#18 Abhay 2011-03-31 12:25
03.04.2009 19:30

my phone is unidentified by myphoneexplorer please help me
#19 chaitu 2011-03-31 12:25
04.04.2009 09:50

its 1 of the dirty phone by SE please go for nokia music express i.e 5610.the worst thing in this phone is we cant change themes,poor battery backup,low camera quality
#20 Fatalclandestin 2011-03-31 12:26
05.04.2009 19:25

Hello, I'm an user of sony ericsson w302 and i want to say why we can't put themes and why it's not recognized in MyPhone Explorer : THIS PHONE IS MANUFACTURED BY SAGEM !!! yeah my father worked at this phone and first of all it's kinda strange device because it's based about "sagem my700x" phone Shocked for the modem ! and myphone explorer can't recognized this phone because of that. Themes are not available now but in few days you'll be able to install themes because a new firmware will be available and this firmware as BEEN WROTE by SE TEAM Rolling Eyes -PLEASE GO TO OFFICIAL SONY ERICCSON UPDATE SOFTWARE SOON Exclamation (sorry if my english is bad i'm french teenager lol :-)
#21 Fatalclandestin 2011-03-31 12:26
05.04.2009 19:29

and the best ever made mobile is the Samsung Omnia HD i8910 !!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:
#22 hanEy 2011-03-31 12:26
07.04.2009 04:51

yup totally da worst part is da themes..I'd downloaded so many themes, but still cant apply them. wut a waste.. :mad:
#23 Lee 2011-03-31 12:26
13.04.2009 11:53

do you people buy your phones because of themes???
#24 ANDRIJA 2011-03-31 12:27
15.04.2009 09:26

Well it is not so bad...it doesn't have themes but the games are very fast in play...the camera is very good for that slim and the output jack of earphone jack is very good.there is no bass in speaker so it makes bad sounds when loud.the keyboard is as you see very tiny...if there is any way to increase number of themes you ask in the SE company.
#25 comments 2011-03-31 12:28
19.04.2009 07:28
seenu says:
low sound worst mobile

24.04.2009 14:31
sujan says:
camera quality(2mp) not so good.not original 2mp.sound not good like others.I dont know how to install themes.over all it is worthless.don't buy it :oops:

25.04.2009 05:49
Raj says:
This is model is simply waste sound volume is low, no themes, doesn't support jpeg format over all simply waste compared to other sony models ;-)

25.04.2009 19:26
nn says:
rubbish my WALKMAN speaker went after 2 days:) :sigh:

26.04.2009 02:59
asd says:
I got this yesterday and i must say......IT SUCKS.. the volume is quite low and it doesn't differ from other SEs out there.. and the camera quality is low even if it is 2mp.so uhh.it was a waste... :mad:

27.04.2009 09:00
anantha.. says:
oh ma god..I bought it last month..its nice 2 see n attractive..but I'm crying now..cant download themes..low sound..etc..man y problem lah..I'm gonna change 2 cybershot.. :sad::mad:

27.04.2009 17:42
jakethasnake says:
How do i get smileys to my textmesseges? I'm just se ": )" not :-)! What should i do to get the smileys?

03.05.2009 12:07
NoName says:
I feel regret to bought this phone.. get another model..
#26 sandeep 2011-03-31 12:29
04.05.2009 17:28

this is a great walkman phone.. excellent sound quality.. of course, to experience the effect u must listen to it through the earphones.... many say the sound quality is poor.. i say f***k them...this is a WALKMAN FOR GODS SAKE!!!... its not a 5.1 surround sound speaker system.. better get a nokia with poor sound quality but loud speaker volume if u want loud sounds instead of quality..if want camera quality get a real camera.. my god all these people make me sick!! and about themes there are many software FREE on the net which allow u to change them.. bottom line.. this is a great WALKMAN PHONE.. don't go for this phone if u wanna play games or shoot photos.... or want to listen to songs on speakers..
#27 Adam 2011-03-31 12:29
05.05.2009 14:16

sandeep has a good point. if you want good sound buy a Walkman not a walkman phone. :P
#28 Liam 2011-03-31 12:29
05.05.2009 18:10

theemmeeeeeesss are not possible to put on the w302i!!! grr
#29 jacko 2011-03-31 12:30
06.05.2009 16:48

does anyone know how to set an alarm that actually makes a noise on this phone? whenever i set the alarm it goes off silently with no vibration or anything even when its not on silent! :sad:
#30 KLL 2011-03-31 12:30
09.05.2009 04:54

I don,t know why sony will manufacture w302. i have used w810i before and it was damn good in terms of sound ,speed,looks . in w302 the eq mode of mega bass is missing .I think in this way sony wont be able to give stiff comp to nokia
#31 Lee 2011-03-31 12:30
09.05.2009 05:04

request to sony plz re-introduce sony ericson w810i ,or any other version .I think new version are becoming less popular . I was feeling shame bcs of it,s speaker sound
#32 comments 2011-03-31 12:34
11.05.2009 19:04
MOhan says:
crazy set..plzzzzz dont buy..loud speaker is pathetic...over al sound is ok..camera sucks

15.05.2009 17:41
PAOK says:
its a great phone....the best you can buy with that price...

16.05.2009 11:10
ganesh says:
this is a very bad phone.but it looks great

18.05.2009 09:56
SIZ says:
The sound needs a loud speaker to generate proper sound. If you all want to set an alarm then set the alarm and go to profiles then click outdoors. hopefully it should work. thanks. I’m quite an expert with this phone.

22.05.2009 17:00
anisa says:
this telefoon is nice , better than me other mobiles : why does peaple so wurd ? en the themes are ook really nice dus no negative i had on me other fone are 2 themes themes : black an white :lol:( samsung j700V )

30.05.2009 06:24
Joe says:
Piece of junk. I started having problems with it from the first day. Been repaired 3x and still not right. I've only had it a couple weeks!

04.06.2009 12:15
omen says:
w302 haven't mega bass, theme and flash menus features, good speaker, modem features... why??? why???? and why again...???? please tel me why???!!! :cry:

05.06.2009 13:31
/- !_ ! says:
it is a phone that has everything and its rock when you hear the music from bass reflex handfree.its its just rocking dude :-)8)

08.06.2009 09:36
Qubezo says:
I just bought this model few months back and was so disappointed. First I can't install any external theme. Second, I can't save message in the memory card. The only thing which I like about the HP is the outer design. The rest are pretty useless :sad:

16.06.2009 13:56
mantage says:
the phone only allows me to save like 100 messages then runs out of memory...is there anyway i can save the messages onto the meory card or the phones memory? :sigh:someone please help me with this! :-)

19.06.2009 15:37
valve says:
wooo..thx god I didn't buy dis phone! :o

19.06.2009 18:08
bad says:
w302 no themes, bad sound,bad movie camera,sony ericson awake !!!!

25.06.2009 09:37
sven says:
waste of money :mad:

27.06.2009 11:07
shark says:
oh my god lol...after i bought it i found it SUCKS , and after i read the reviews i feel down , really i want to smach this phone ,low sound ,low everything , just the look , they rap us by the phone look . shame on them really

29.06.2009 23:08
dhoedz says:
W200i sounds much better than W302.. and walkman playlist sometimes gone, then stoped! camera better in brighter (sun daylight best), doesn't have good vibra! :cry:the best thing is just the bluetooth and the memory space. i hate when i know that i cant put any THEMES! :mad:

03.07.2009 06:54
Android says:
Actually we can apply themes to w302 just get a theme manager or theme creator. ;-)

13.07.2009 04:07
NIshant says:
plzzz guys tell me how 2 installl themes in dis phone

17.07.2009 12:13
rapsky03 says:
I just bought this phone yesterday and i just starting to set up it but the most common problem was themes. but its ok the phone was good and elegant! it depends on the users!

25.07.2009 03:35
lampard says:
Speaker low,can't use theme :sad:

04.08.2009 22:41
rey says:
To change theme : 1 Menu 2 Settings 3 Display 4 Themes and there you have it ;-)

06.08.2009 15:08
Rashed says:
To set the alarm, you have to make sure its not on silent. Also, the sound quality is good, but the speakers suck. Hopefully we can use external themese soon!!!
#33 r6680jc 2011-03-31 12:34
15.08.2009 01:56

Hy all, My brother just bought a w302 1 week ago. I think it's not that bad, but according to the features, it's too expensive for a poor features cellphone. About the themes, i think it doesn't use *.thm theme files, may be another kind of themes. A strange thing is that when i downloaded opera mini from site: mini.opera.com ,the extension is not *.jar or *.jad, but something else, but i forgot it's extension. I knew it when i browse the files on the phone using mobyexplorer. In fact mobyexplorer i used was in *.jar. So I think this cellphone has something unusual according to the other SE phones.
#34 atinya 2011-03-31 12:35
25.08.2009 16:18

the function of this phone so bad..no themes,cannot rotate the picture,slow..h uhu..waste my money.. :sad:
#35 atinya 2011-03-31 12:35
25.08.2009 16:21

to android: how?only download?what is the next step??
#36 5b8 2011-03-31 12:35
28.08.2009 15:33

hey guy(Cryyyyyyyyy ) u just format ur memory phone and memory card so that u can solve u r problem
#37 Shamol 2011-03-31 12:35
01.09.2009 08:59

It's good overall. But themes and speakerphone sound and camera is bad overall........ ..I have it and i think i will continue with it.
#38 Arvind 2011-03-31 12:35
04.09.2009 10:34

very bad, no themes.if you use a 1 gb memory card its very slow... but the outlook is nice :lol:
#39 comments 2011-03-31 12:37
26.09.2009 15:47
yanto says:
hey guys,why u looks having so much problem with this phone? Don't u think that it is a good phone for it's price?

29.09.2009 05:12
sandeep says:
superb nice sound who don't know about music they cant understand sony quality ........better than nokia and other

01.10.2009 00:18
nadzo hunni dew says:
actually i like this phone Smile but if ure that sad because the themes just install it duuh :rolleyes:

02.10.2009 04:55
praveen says:
very good sound is the only default but beautiful ;-)

03.10.2009 03:09
Ted says:
W302 playing 3d games very...very.. well. I can play submarine odyssey (best game I ever played)without lack ..just FYI this game is created for 240x320 screen size! but it running good, the image fit perfectly on my screen. over all, i can running most of 240x320 3D games smoothly, the problem is only sometimes it doesn't looks right on my screen (because of screen pixel is only 176x220)

04.10.2009 11:56
Kovz says:
I hate this phone so much! Why did i choose the worst phone by sony erricson? Why? :mad:

11.10.2009 14:39
Dave says:
Bought this phone after my last walkman packed in; what a waste of money - yet another loyal sony customer disappointed.

21.10.2009 12:12
w302 user says:
why this phone cannot accept thmes from another SE phone. ???whyyyyyyyyyy .??

14.11.2009 08:02
sony ericsson holic says:
so am i guys. but if i bought any m0bile. I'd prefer check it all out. so i won't disappointed next time. indeed this phone has low feature. can't change theme. that's the 0ne problem of thousands. it sucks phone.

24.11.2009 19:58
Alex says:
this phone is aswome but i can't put games or themes via usb

30.11.2009 15:46
Khan says:
This is very smart. Nokia's mobile sound is very slow VS Sony Ericsson's

09.12.2009 04:26
Charan says:
Sound Effects is not good i Inform to all customers don't purchase this w302 :mad:
#40 billy 2011-03-31 12:38
16.12.2009 12:29

To alex: you can dl games on google and put in fone via usb , when you turn off usb install game. And ppl did you have problem to play game via bluetooth (i cant choose option to play via bluetooth , i dont know why when my bluetooth work good) and any application that need bluetooth dont work (like bluetooth messenger). If someone know what is problem pls help me :sad:
#41 Unknown 2011-03-31 12:38
19.12.2009 09:29

even w595 is better than w302 cause w302 don't have flash themes walkman 3.0 and camera is badder I recommend w595 cause it has 3.2 mpix cam stereo speakers and battery backup is even better so go to w595 or Nokia xpressmusic .
#42 comments 2011-03-31 12:39
16.01.2010 16:32
dark says:
w302 is bad.... low sound.... and many!!!! i hate this!! :mad:

18.01.2010 17:31
jass says:
how can i use gprs on my w302?

22.01.2010 16:52
sucks says:
this phone sucks ..i hate this phone

06.02.2010 15:18
charrly says:
I love my phone the w302 is amazing but dose any 1 know how 2 get free themes???

19.02.2010 15:42
DE77 says:
hey there aren't any themes for this phone :o

08.03.2010 02:22
daiLami says:
thiz fonz is okeyy . butz da sound low n no theme ..

08.03.2010 02:23
daiLami says:
cannot downLOAD THEMES . HATE IT .. :sad:
Candygirl, Trinidad
#43 Candygirl, Trinidad 2011-03-31 12:40
09.03.2010 17:43

I love my phone Midnight black looks amazing better! sound output is low but the camera works like a charm! Any walkman phones satisfies me
#44 Stew 2011-03-31 12:40
14.03.2010 11:17

I just bought it yesterday, this phone is GREAT n simply amazing!! c'mon it's A PHONE!! not an arranger! and for the camera, I've had an N73, just before i buy the w302 and frankly i don't see A SMASHING difference in the quality, especially when viewed on pc. for the sound, it's SAME as iPod, i spent 1 hour comparing the output (i'm professional pianist so i got the ear Smile ) it's not that crual, maybe the themes, but I've never cared about, i spent 1 year with one theme "green" on the n73 :thumbsup: W302 :thumbsup:
#45 max 2011-03-31 12:41
18.03.2010 14:22

I've owned this phone but sadly the speaker is not good enough if we expect the product produced by Sony especially when they were in Walkman lines. The 2MP camera is also somewhere near the VGA quality. The Nokia with 2MP camera is better than this. Overall, I just love the looks of it, simple, thin and classic. The price is good too.
#46 max 2011-03-31 12:41
22.03.2010 21:43

The sound is good,I'm not complaining,but my biggest problem are the themes.If anybody knows something about new flimware or any way to install themes,please post it!!! My first mobile and it sucks!!! :sad:
#47 faz 2011-03-31 12:41
30.03.2010 00:38

make themes
hate w302
#48 hate w302 2011-03-31 12:41
02.04.2010 10:28

so bad..... ;-)
#49 MrConvict 2011-03-31 12:42
07.04.2010 14:36

I have this phone, overall its good. I don't care for themes sound is excellent especially with earphones only when playing in walkman without earp. the sound is bad because of equilaiser for games yes but only 3d other games are not compatible for example i have downloaded pes 2010 and the is started but just white screen also age of empires and many others
#50 Candice 2011-03-31 12:42
07.06.2010 17:34

Overall phone is okay but the thing that is really bothering me is that i cannot install themes at all. Takes pictures ok, mpe3 output is good , better with headphones though, but a nice simple phone, just for music lovers everywhere.
#51 sumi 2011-03-31 12:43
10.06.2010 10:07

actually my hell w302 is a gift from my sis... it costs 599 malaysian ringgit which is a lot for a stupid cell phone.... she then got a w595 for her self n started downloading loads of themes up to 29.... n i tried n tried n tried n tried... nothing came out.... so i just feel like breaking it a pat.. not only that... cant i even download games??? everything is impossible..... ... owh sis.. cn u get me a useful phone.. I prefer nokia xpress music ! :mad:
#52 sumitomat 2011-03-31 12:43
10.06.2010 10:19

can anyone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! suggest me better sony phones... this phone was very attractive..... but.. after buying.. its.. nothing but rubbish.. I regret for selling off my samsung corby!
#53 Dan 2011-03-31 12:43
16.06.2010 16:00

There are a lot of good Sony Ericsson phones. It depends on how much are you willing to spend.
#54 sam 2011-03-31 12:43
06.08.2010 17:33

hell with this w302..... minimum storage capacity for msgs.. :sad:. no themes... no functions :evil:
#55 bohemia 2011-03-31 12:44
01.09.2010 02:50

I like this mobile very much....the sound is not good but the mobile is very simple .... :lol:
#56 amaliafabz 2011-03-31 12:44
16.09.2010 09:03

I love this phone..gave me much memories.. :-)
#57 Adeel 2011-03-31 12:44
16.09.2010 18:57

useless :mad:
#58 ishwar 2011-03-31 12:44
24.11.2010 13:37

I like this mobile ... the sound quality is good :thumbsup:
#59 Ashraf 2011-03-31 12:44
25.11.2010 18:33

I love this phone. For games it's awesome for a 176X220 pixel phone. Just download .jar files into M2 memory card and install the games in the phone and ur done :thumbsup: ohh,for the sound,i like to use the earphone :thumbsup:
sony sucks
#60 sony sucks 2011-03-31 12:45
16.01.2011 05:18

tis fon is suckx!!!!!!! :mad: I hate it!!! I cant even download any theme for this fone :cry:
#61 mina 2011-03-31 12:45
16.01.2011 05:26

how to download themes for this fon????????? why tis fon is sooooooooo lame????????!! I regret buying this fon!!! :mad:
#62 manikandadasu 2011-03-31 12:45
31.01.2011 04:59

battery packup is very bad :mad:
#63 RE: Sony Ericsson W302RANDOM BASTARD 2011-05-08 15:11
05.05.2011 18:52

hey there, dis is a decent fone :lol:except dat u cant apply theems D:

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Sound Of Legend - Infinity - Ringtone
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Posted on Tuesday, 16 May 2017
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DJ Khaled, justin bieber - I'm the one - Ringtone
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Posted on Tuesday, 16 May 2017
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Shawn Mendes - Theres Nothing Holdin Me Back - Rin
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Posted on Tuesday, 16 May 2017
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Imagine Dragons - Thunder - Ringtone
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Posted on Tuesday, 16 May 2017
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Hannah Grace - Praise You - Ringtone
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Posted on Tuesday, 16 May 2017
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