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Samsung X660


66mobile.com Mobile Themes

GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2005, 4Q
Dimensions: 89.5 x 45 x 21.5 mm
Weight: 78 g
Type: UFB, 65K colors
Size: 128 x 160 pixels, 8 lines
- Second external display UFB, 65K colors (96 x 96 pixels)
- Wallpapers
Type: Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3, AAC
Customization: download, order now
Vibration : Yes
Phonebook: 500 entries, Photo call
Call records: 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Card slot: No
- 8 MB user memory
- 200 short messages
OS: -
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots) 32 - 48 kbps
Messaging: SMS, MMS
Clock: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Infrared port: Yes
Games: Bobby Carrot, Airship Racing , order now
Camera: VGA, 640x480 pixels, video, put your photo on your mobile
- Java MIDP 2.0
- WAP 2.0/xHTML
- T9
- Calendar
- Todo list
- Currency converter
- Calculator
- USB port
- Built-in handsfree
Standard battery, Li-Ion 800 mAh
Stand-by: Up to 200 h
Talk time: Up to 3-4 h

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#1 Navy 2011-03-22 15:17
17.02.2006 14:13

Samsung X660 rocks! I just got it and i love it v much. It has Mp3, but only limited to 100kb. So what? I dun need a full Mp3 for my ring-tone. The camera is good too! And it has many frames, and camera effects. And the polyphonic speaker is really music to your ears. Plus, u can set a MOVING IMAGE as ur WALLPAPER or even VIDEO!! Isn't that COOL?? Haha, I love this phone much. Compared to other phones, this phone is good in its DESIGN, CAMERA, FUNCTIONS and many more! And, it is also VERY CHEAP! A cheap plus gd phone, must buy! Haha.. i just love the phone. It simply rock. Although the memory is a bit small, but its okay. Im sure i will be able to fully utilize the memory wisely.
#2 King 2011-03-22 15:17
28.04.2006 06:36

I finally managed to upload and download the videos and pix between the PC and phone. For the benefit of everyone, the procedure is as follows: Go to Samsung website (sign up as member first) and download the USB driver and PIM software. Install the USB driver followed by the PIM software. If done in this sequence, both software should install successfully. Connect your IR adapter to the PC and install the driver if any. Invoke the PIM software and enable the IR connection to PC on the phone. Place the IR adapter and PC IR port close to each other with line of sight.. Software would automatically detect the phone Use the file manager in the PIM to upload and download pix/videos etc. Hope this helps.
#3 comments 2011-03-22 15:18
06.05.2006 00:12
kiran says:
hi king.. that works.. even i tried

08.05.2006 02:46
nana says:
wat is an IR adapter? do i need 2 buy 1? how much does it cost? can i use a bluetooth device instead?

08.05.2006 04:49
jake says:
can anyone tell me who's the provider of this phone?

08.05.2006 05:22
Jake says:
@nana: X660 does not have bluetooth. Buy a IR adapter to connect to your computer or use a Laptop with IR.

08.05.2006 21:05
mhike says:
x660 = stylish, lots of functions but with short battery life

11.06.2006 15:23
1D says:
with its File Manager, only can upload max size 100kb each time. How to enable it to upload >100kb

31.07.2006 01:27
0909556 says:
ik denk dat ik hem wel aa nemen maar dan mOet er wel een mp3 Op plus camera,,!! :rolleyes:

06.08.2006 19:01
mike says:
can you install game/applicatio n by infrared on this phone or it must be done by internet/gprs?!

12.08.2006 17:37
Roddes says:
I've just buy it, and a hope its as good as youre saying! hahaaa.... I
#4 Caitlin 2011-03-22 15:19
13.08.2006 17:24

I cant get it to connect with the computer properly?? can someone email me or add me to msn and give me like a step by step thingy... the way "king" said to didn't work for me :sad:punk_in_drublic 888[]hotmail.co m
#5 dhar 2011-03-22 15:20
17.08.2006 17:26

I have a samsung x660 and I'm satisfied with all the functions, but I want to connect it with computer and i also had infrared adapter in computer for that i need software so anybody have than please send it to me on email id dharm[]yahoo.co .in
#6 buu 2011-03-22 15:20
07.09.2006 07:19

Samsung X660/x660v comes with a small restriction: you cannot upload/download something on it unless the file size is smaller than 100 Kb, that`s why video stops randomly(it stops when the size of the video is around 95kb, and this depends on the light, sound and other...) I searched the internet, but it seems that nobody knows how to remove this restriction. (if you know how, please let me know) This is the gift that samsung offered us :-)
#7 alan 2011-03-22 15:20
15.09.2006 04:59

I tried to upload a file that's 390KB to my Samsung X660v. Does anyone know how to remove the restriction in order to transfer bigger applications to my phone?
#8 Mandylion 2011-03-22 15:20
15.09.2006 05:26

Does anyone know how I can upload java games from my pc to my phone :question: it isn't possible with the original software :evil:
#9 HH 2011-03-22 15:21
15.10.2006 08:49

#10 mohamed 2011-03-22 15:21
01.11.2006 02:15

its IR can't take from any one any thing it is so boring
#11 NCP 2011-03-22 15:22
22.11.2006 08:00

Biggest load of junk I have ever had in my life. First off the phone I had before this was almost a brick but all it was good for is texting and texting, the kind of phone that I use. Then I bumped into this piece of junk downtown. It looked at it and it seemed ok but when I got it home oh my god..The camera was pathetic, it couldn't take a normal decent picture at night time or day time. It had nothing that I was told. Now I am buying the Nokia N90 so hopefully that will take my painful memorys of this phone away.
#12 sherif 2011-03-22 15:22
27.12.2006 05:41

in the case of file size transfer sgh x 660 doesn't take more than 100 kb & in the case of upload java games i wanna knew how and yes uts possible
#13 BiG 2011-03-22 15:22
20.01.2007 05:24

This phone is the worst phone I bought this phone in July and thought it was pretty cool but one the outside screen would not go off we put in for repairs it came back three weeks later and it was still broken we walked 10m out the shop it went in again and another three weeks later we found out it had been sent overseas cause samsung Australia could not fix it w got told it could be another 2-3 weeks. anyway we ended up getting it back and found all the fonts were smaller it came back in a different language and the camera was worse then ever. Believe it or not the phone broke again so we got a replacement and no doubt it broke again same problem each time. we finally got a refund for it and i bought a sony ericsson w300i its tonnes better no limit wen u get a phone cable the x660 could only transfer files 100kb (which sucked for mp3's. anyway DO NOT GET THIS PHONE DEATH TRAP get a w300i in Aussie its an extra 20bucks and a hell lot better
#14 Andrei 2011-03-22 15:23
18.03.2007 01:05

for those who want to connect their x 660 v with an pc using ifra red port (IrDA) follow this leads

1. posses an infra red adapter (stick or other types), and posses an Samsung X660 (or X 660v)

2. u'll need to donwnload this driver (Samsung PC Studio II): *****://downloa dcenter.samsung .com/download.. .ile_Manager.ex e

3. After install set the speed of the ir adapter ,and the file manager speed to 38400 (the sped is optional but it work's just fine), for the file manager go to File->Setup->Sp eed and deselect the auto detect option, chouse the Port->Com5(IrDA ) and click oky

4. the phone has limited uploads... only files smaller than 100kb, camera recording stops arround 20 sec's of recording ..approx 95 kb have fun using Samsung X660 Best regard's ...Andrei from Romania
#15 OB-STYLE 2011-03-22 15:23
13.06.2007 23:47

I Have this phone... But i think that is not impossible to upload java games to mobile bcs I'm searching in the net if it have a software to upload games with an USB Cable, but any idea!
#16 dannchy 2011-03-22 15:24
06.10.2007 16:54

help!help!help!!! I've been trying to send photos to my pc with usb port and i just cant do it. I have the software i got it with usb and i had a lot of trouble trying to install it properly but finally I've manage it.but now i cant connect pc with my phone.can someone pls help me if u now what can i do pls send me an e mail to danira_sevensta r[]hotmail.com ;-)
#17 Jão 2011-03-22 15:25
20.11.2007 08:51

Yes. I´m an owner of a x660 samsung piece of crap. The camera is fine, the display is ok and the outside lcd helps a lot when you´re self-portraitin g with you girlfriend. But the signal it gets is weak. And the IR is a lie. It just sends your number to other phones. Why in the hell you put an IR in a device just to do that? A paper does better. The cable is just to take off the photos to your PC. It cannot install java or anything else. Headache. The mobile is a junk. I´ve even bought a Nokia 6070 and found it better than this Samsung piece of SH*T!
#18 LTU 2011-03-22 15:25
25.11.2007 20:31

Yeah this phone sucks,,, and the battery is very low (my english is bad)
#19 ank 2011-03-22 15:25
26.01.2008 01:47

my IR isn't workin' i only can send number cards and can't receive anythin' Sad pliz help...what shall i do? to make it work :question:
#20 SJ 2011-03-22 15:26
22.03.2008 11:40

Please tell me as to how to connect X660 to PC which has Vista. I have downloaded PC suite 3 + driver on Vista but PC suite is not detecting. I tried downloading PC Suite 2 on Vista but it does not get properly downloaded. Please Help. My email is johrisaurabh[]g mail.com
#21 Rockpebblar 2011-03-22 15:26
18.07.2008 20:40

Thanks for the tips on ir file transfer, all working now. Agree with comments re black photos in pocket/case and phone limitations but remember, if you buy cheap goods you usually get inferior capabilities cheers Guys
#22 Katherine 2011-03-22 15:26
10.10.2008 19:35

Someone gave me a x660v, :thumbsup: but the telephone icon has a bar through it, and it won't call or receive.. :sad:.says " service with res..." What's up? Is it blocked or what? Can I fix it by myself (not worth paying to have done), but an extra phone is always handy. ;-)
#23 MEDO 2011-03-22 15:27
30.10.2008 00:28

Hello, I have read all comments here, but no one answers how Upload Games to SGH-X66o ? i need to know,i have IR and the programe (Samsung PC Studio II 2.0 PIMS & File Manager) which i got it free from SAMSUNG Official site,, but i could only upload mp3 under 100Kp and that's not my problem ,and upload any photos not larger than 680*480, I just need games and Ebuddy messneger on it, i can't do it :sad:any ideas :cry:this is my email add me great-stars[]ho tmail.com
#24 MEDO 2011-03-22 15:27
30.10.2008 00:30

to download it (Samsung PC Studio II 2.0 PIMS & File Manager) *****://www.sam sung.com/downlo ad/Model_Select .aspx?type=Mobi lePhone&typecod e=18&subtype=Mo bilePhone&subty pecode=1805&mod el=SGH-X660&fil etype=SW&langua ge=
-1 #25 liz 2011-03-22 15:28
13.01.2009 13:20

I'm going crazy, I want to cry .. my computer says my hardware is ready to use but then again the pc studio didn't work. and when i plug the usb again its says that found new hardware :sad:(
#26 xezs 2011-03-22 15:28
23.01.2009 18:43

liz, restart your pc and try to play with the connection speed (set it a few times). it worked for me :-)
Silver Angel
#27 Silver Angel 2011-03-22 15:28
14.03.2009 11:44

I can't complain about the phone.. is excellent.. and the battery too.. 3 days still alive, even if i talk a lot i have only one problem.. can't install games from my computer to phone... I use a USB- cable.. I know how to upload files to it(photos, sounds, vids) but can't manage with games... please... if someone has an answer live me a message at: silver.angel.tl c[]gmail.com
#28 Phoebe 2011-03-22 15:28
08.06.2009 08:42

Please tell me as to how to connect X660 to PC which has Vista. My email is p_Waldhart[]hot mail.com :-)
Alfred gatt
#29 Alfred gatt 2011-03-22 15:29
02.08.2009 07:40

I like my sghx660 just one problem how to transfer photos to my pc please help email to alfredgatt51[]y ahoo.com thank you

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