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Nokia 7710


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GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
4Q, 2004
Dimensions: 128 x 69.5 x 19 mm, 142 cc
Weight: 189 g
Type: TFT touchscreen, 65K colors
Size: 640 x 320 pixels
- Pen input
- Partial mode display (640 x 48 pixels) for saving power
Type: Polyphonic
Customization: Download, order now
Vibration : Yes
Phonebook: In shared memory, Photo call
Call records: Advanced, limited by memory only
Card slot: MMC, 128 MB card included
- 90 MB shared internal memory for contacts, messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, PIM, and applications
OS: Symbian OS v7.0s, Series 90 UI
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
Data speed: 236 kbps (EDGE)
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
Clock: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Infrared port: No
Games: Downloadable
Camera: 1 MP, 1152x864 pixels, video (QCIF)
- Bluetooth
- HTML/xHTML browser with Flash 6
- Stereo audio/video player
- Office applications
- PIM functions: contacts, extensive calendar, calculator
- Java MIDP 2.0
- FM radio
- Pop-port interface
- Built-in handsfree, voice recorder
- Voice memo
Standard, Li-Po 1300 mAh (BP-5L)
Stand-by: Up to 210 h
Talk time: Up to 12 h

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#1 Mike 2011-04-04 15:06
05.10.2005 06:01

I love this phone ;-)how much does it cost :question:
#2 schiller 2011-04-04 15:07
10.02.2006 06:36

please help me!!! I install some programs on my 7710 but I don't know how to uninstall them....I've tried from nokia manager ( cd ) but i removed only the icon.it's still active on my desk.
#3 Radu 2011-04-04 15:07
01.03.2006 09:04

Hello! U have to go to Control Panel, App. Manager and there U can uninstall anything U want.
#4 DLI 2011-04-04 15:07
31.03.2006 02:10

I own a nokia 7710. I have to some important things to tell for those who want to buy it.like every phone it has some pros and cons.

1.its inbuilt speaker is great.no other phone has got such a great speaker.
2.you get all the pda functions at a low price(genarally pda phones are expensive)
3.it has a wide screen.

1.it is a damn slow phone.
2.camera is ok but video recording is worse.
3.it doesn't has a keypad.
4.if you are a mobile game freak never buy this phone as there are few games available.
5.not much softwares available.
#5 sam 2011-04-04 15:08
04.04.2006 06:13

This phone is really a bummer .... i tried it for a couple of days and really got frustrated ... the slow interface is really irritating ... and i had a tough time with the videos for this phone ... stay away from this one guys.... it looks awesome ... but there's very poor hardware inside
#6 KD 2011-04-04 15:08
24.04.2006 22:14

I am really looking forward tyo buy this phone..rite now I am using nokia 6681 and I am quite satisfied with it's performance ...should I go for 7710
#7 WorldCup 2011-04-04 15:09
02.06.2006 07:55

I have been using Nokia 7710 from past 1 year, its a perfect phone for me because i am a business man n my 7710 works like a lap top for me. Now I don't have to carry such a heavy bag on my back every time. But the only problem that i have is this phone works very slow,for eg. if i want to open any option then i have to wait for it for a long time. But this problem is coming from past 2 months, i think formatting has to be done on my phone, say another eg. if i am watching a video song on smart movie player them it is not so clear n it even hangs a lot. so plz get back to me with a solution of my problem,coz if this does not get resolved i will be changing to O2 which i don't wana do as if now coz what i trust on Nokia.
#8 Юрок!!! 2011-04-04 15:09
01.07.2006 02:38

Крутая мобила!!!Nokia рулит!!! :lol:
#9 Will 2011-04-04 15:10
01.07.2006 04:52

Got this phone a month back. It seems to have improved a lot. It doesn't hang at all and works faster then ever before, thanks to Nokia's improved firmware versions. I was very confused whether to go for an O2 or an Imate but i bought this one, am glad i made a gud choice. I fancy a couple of things like in a phone, like:
1.Widescreen: Watching movies in fullscreen mode is a big show off. With available softwares like Smartmovie and ImTOO MPEG you can convert just anything for ur personal viewing on this phone. It's touchscreen interface is gud n well responsive and can be easily protected with the available scratch guards.
2.The looks of this phone are fabulous. Some find it very big. But holding it in hands in its leather pouch or using it in the public makes a very stylish statement.
3.Business features are as cool as the phone. My important files are always with me. And with Mobicreator you can convert anything on ur pc into an Ebook and carry it anywhere with u.
4.The 1 megapixel camera of this phone is better then a 1.3 MP as compared to other phones. I've used N3230 n N6630 proir to this one and that's how i know the difference. The camera in this phone does'nt have any night mode n i think that it is not even required. It takes beautiful pictures during the night time as well. And the Video quality is as gud as compared to other 1.3 MP camera phones.
5.Its speaker is as good as it's camera. Loud and full of clarity. Comparing them with bose is a bit too much but they r really good. You can play MP3s or set them as ringing tone and wow! Surfing internet or watching Ur pictures or videos on this phone will give u the feel of a computer. It can support a memory card of up to 1GB but do not install more than 250 MB coz your phone will start working slow. Also do not install the anti-virus provided with this phone or you'll see a big difference in it's speed. Your phone will remain safe even otherwise. The only problem i face with this phone is to make or receive phone calls. You have to use both the hands to do that but again when people notice you, it makes a cool impression. Finally, don't go by what people have to say, i did the same thing and am satisfied. Every phone has it's pros cons. It's all about making the right choice.
#10 comments 2011-04-04 15:12
09.08.2006 17:07
Parrish says:
I'm from INDONESIA !!! This phone is really2 great !!!

17.11.2006 05:30
Arman says:
It is the best cell phone in the world :thumbsup:

07.12.2006 19:47
Ayyappa says:
I am not satisfied with this phone, no infrared, camera clarity is not good, sound is ok, performance is slow

16.04.2007 22:08
SIDNEY says:

24.07.2007 01:48
jus perfect...one f t best creations by Nokia 8)

17.09.2007 17:01
Poornendulal says:
yes.. its a great mobile..

24.10.2007 21:17
gud choise says:
goooood.............. thx GOD u give me 7710 I'm in Indonesia Too... hahaha... :lol:

02.12.2007 20:22
naughty_sk says:
Could u plz let me know if any new themes cud be downloaded to this cell?? i tried but none is compatible with this 7710! I'm sick n tired of the same old theme!

24.12.2007 23:26
KABAL 231 says:
the best phone ever i used it 4 2 years and it still my best phone :-)

04.07.2008 07:23
vijay jadhav says:
theme problem

10.07.2008 11:00
Sidney says:
I have the Phone it really is fun using it but the theme is the only problem .. it takes a lot of time to upload ... other than that its a classic cell

16.08.2008 09:54
rajiv says:
themes are not available more and little slow

30.08.2008 17:34
reza says:
help me where i can repair my phone? my bluetoth broke!!! :oops:
#11 abbhhs 2011-04-04 15:13
28.10.2008 19:00

please stay away with this fone it is addictive if u use it ones u don't like any other fone in world i have this fone form 3 years and i cant go any where without this fone i love it by nokia cant makes this fone any more now nokia launch another model n800 and n810 which have same looks and many functions are same as 7710 now i m planning to get these fone if any one have it share there experience with that fone :-)
#12 ajidking 2011-04-04 15:13
26.06.2009 20:32

it's really a gr8 cellphone i ever had,but my battery is creating probs.can u help me where i can get it. :lol:
fawaz zyani
#13 fawaz zyani 2011-04-04 15:13
22.11.2009 09:18

it's a super phone.......... .... yooo.. hooooooo :thumbsup: :applaud:
#14 nair 2011-04-04 15:14
01.09.2010 12:28

pls help me how to set mobile tv in nokia 7710

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