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Nokia 6680


66mobile.com Mobile Themes

UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2005, 1Q
Dimensions: 108.6 x 55.2 x 20.5 mm, 104 cc
Weight: 133 g
Type: TFT, 256K colors
Size: 176 x 208 pixels
- 5-way navy key
- Downloadable themes
Type: Polyphonic (48 channels), Monophonic, MP3, True Tones
Customization: download, order now
Vibration : Yes
Phonebook: Advanced
Call records: Yes
Card slot: RS-DV-MMC, 64 MB card included, Hot swap
- 10 MB shared memory for storage
OS: Symbian OS 8.0a , Series 60 UI
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Clock: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Infrared port: No
Games: Card Deck, Snake EX + downloadable , order now
Colors: Bronze, Silver
Languages: Major European and Asia-Pacific languages
Camera: 1.3 MP, 1280x960 pixels, video (QCIF), flash; secondary video call VGA camera, put your photo on your mobile
- Bluetooth v1.2
- 3G - 384 kbps
- Push to talk
- Java MIDP 2.0
- MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
- HTML browser with .pdf support
- xHTML browser
- WAP 2.0
- T9
- Organiser
- Voice command/memo
- Pop-Port with USB
- Built-in handsfree
Standard, Li-Ion 900 mAh (BL-5C)
Stand-by: Up to 240 h
Talk time: Up to 6 h

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#1 comments 2011-04-04 14:30
10.02.2006 05:41
louis says:
I have the 6680 its nice phone but the memory card is not enogh, I would like to upgrade for 128 Mb but i heard that this will cause a problems in the phone,is there anybody with experience in this issue?

31.03.2006 01:29
guerilla says:
am having a problem of Phone Memory. the phone say Memory in Use is 9428 kb,Free Memory 500 kb, calender 2kb, contacts 2 kb, documents 44 kb, Documents 180 kb, images,Videos,s ound all 0 kb then Messeges 7696 kb Memory Card Capacity: 61 MB Used : 14 MB Free : 47 MB So the problem is i cant download ring tones it tell me that "Phone Memory Full Delete Some Files"

02.06.2006 07:29
Mafia says:
Hi, the first thing I want to say is that I own a Nokia 6680. The 6680 has some great characteristics that should encourage you to buy it if you happen to have the money: probably the most important is the symbian OS which is the best OS, with thousands of applications and games. Then you have the 1.3 mp camera with flash, great pictures at daylight, not so good at night. My opinion is that a resolution above 1.3 mp is useless. After that you have an mp3 player with speaker(which isn't that good for listening..a bit loud on the treble), and with several mp3 players found on the net, you get equalizer, sorting, VERY loud music and others; and of course the possibility of adding codecs to use mp4,ogg and others

10.06.2006 05:34
SLR says:

I just bought this mob, and it's cool, black version. Firstly I want to buy 6681 but actually 6680 is already UTMS, so I'll take it, and the gap price still reasonable.

- a lot, depends user, could business or fun Cons:
- cover for camera(backside ), its not strong, looks and sounds cracky
- keypad (looks cheapy, very contradictory with the class of this phone) Just see it in the dark, oh ugly..
- after taking picture (when the light is minor, sometime looks worst, but better looking when u see it in gallery than after taking) Anyway does anyone know what kind of software to shutoff click sound when taking a picture? Coz I want to make a picture silently for business reason. And it can't be turn off by default in options. Thx.

14.07.2006 04:16
Mike says:
base on my experience 4 using 6680, I'm using 512mb.don't overload a game to your fone.it will hang and shut down. I've only 1 game on my fone and 39 mp3 and 5 themes and many pictures and videos.u can overload anything to your fon except games.I don't know y I'm just sharing my experience...

06.08.2006 21:35
OG says:
I just got my nokia 6680 and the problem is that there are times that my phone suddenly turn itself off. but it doesn't happens all the time but then its not usual to see your phone turn itself off when you remove the card,right?am just thinking of upgrading my firmware to remove these bugs causing my phone to restart whenever i try to remove my memory card. does anyone knows how much would it cause me for an upgrade???

19.11.2006 12:37
tudesky says:
Really disappointed with the phone after i got it as an up grade, after hearing so many good things. Can't believe you can't have phone and sim number lists displayed together, this makes texting a pain also it's easy to hit the wrong keys when texting. Didn't get much further had the phone for only a few hours before ringing up to return it. Not keen on the change of menu style when in the past Nokias have always been so easy to use.
#2 comments 2011-04-04 14:32
04.12.2006 01:43
WolF says:
tudesky: don't drink much wisky and you will not hit the wrong keys

04.12.2006 02:18
Tony says:
LOL :lol:tudesky is drunk

14.12.2006 12:31
angel wana says:
well i dont have any problems with my phone. im quite satisfied with the quality of the nokia 6680, if u; compare the features from then series phone, it only has a lil bit of difference from what i have.

08.02.2007 22:36
joel says:
I'm wondering the effect if i upgrade the memory to 1Gb. Kindly share any experience regarding this before me buying a memory... tnx

29.03.2007 20:11
D12 says:
Just bot da phone at first i tot it was ok bt after using it 4 few day i wanted ma $ back.The camera is crap for 1.3mp especially in da dark.1 ting i hate bout it wen browsing the net it freez & turnoff.

24.04.2007 18:05
roxy says:
I've been having this problem lately wherein themes that i saved and apply from my memory card won't appear when the phone gets turned on again. It gets back to its "Nokia" theme. It works if I save it on my phone memory but it's quite an inconvenience since my phone memory is already low. everything was working fine before until just recently. Is there any way I could fix this? I'm starting to get annoyed seeing the default theme every time I start my phone. Hope someone could help me with this. Thanks.

01.10.2007 19:21
ah65 says:
I've recently had my phone replaced (nokia dealer claimed it was new. i was shocked however that it has the same problem my first one had. it restarts by its own self. At first i thought it might be a virus but after i formatted it it still restarted before i even downloaded anything to it . And the camera isn't good either. especially the front one. there's no use for that one its way too crappy. the picture quality is bad except if there's very good lightening.also it doesn't have auto-lock pad. another problem is that sometime out of nowhere a warning says "headphones not supported". In this new one i got i hadn't even used the headphones with it and it said that. personally if i had known about all those problems i would have bought another phone.

27.12.2007 17:51
jessica says:
nice phone...I'm already use it now & I enjoy it!!! try this

06.05.2009 14:13
arsim says:
the best nokia 6680 8)

17.06.2009 11:07
Yashdeep Singh says:
:thumbsup: wow !
Marvin Cailao
#3 Marvin Cailao 2011-04-04 14:32
09.08.2009 11:06

I have a 6680 with 1gb mmc. So far no problems at all. I have 178 mp3s, 8 games, 2 apps, 4 themes. I do have one gripe though I can't play my mp3s continuously with the default player. :lol:
#4 CATHLENE JANE NACUA 2011-04-04 14:33
28.10.2009 08:44

HI, i love nokia6680 ♥ but my problem is, .. the phone is sometimes weak. sometimes, i cant use my keypads because its not functioning. please help me how to minimize it. you can email me at nacuacathleneja ne[]yahoo.com. thank you so much. :sad:
#5 khalilhovic 2011-04-04 14:33
30.12.2009 11:17

I have 6680 is the best for ever :thumbsup:
#6 samantha 2011-04-04 14:33
01.05.2010 03:26

I hAve 6680 too... but sad to say that the memory card is not enough and it would hung if you put higher MB.but it's a nice phone :o
#7 martin 2011-04-04 14:33
26.12.2010 11:45

I have a 6680 with 2gb mmc card and i don't have any problems with it i would that there was a 8gb mmc card for it it is a friendly and easy to use phone

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