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Nokia 6280


66mobile.com Mobile Themes

- Explore phone features, see simulations, learn tips and tricks.
- Download Nokia 6280 Manual (English, PDF file, 1.33 MB )
- Other languages
- Download PC and phone software and drivers.
PC Suite (For Windows XP and 2000)
Modem Drivers
UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2005, June
Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 21 mm, 91 cc
Weight: 115 g
Type: TFT, 256K colors
Size: 320 x 240 pixels
- 4-way navy key
- Downloadable screensavers,
Type: Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Customization: download, order now
Vibration : Yes
Phonebook: 500 x 16 fields, Photocall
Call records: 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Card slot: miniSD, 64 MB card included
- 6 MB internal memory
OS: -
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Clock: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Infrared port: Yes
Games: 3D snake + downloadable , order now
Colors: Carbon Black, Graphite grey
Languages: Major European and Asia-Pacific languages
Camera: 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, VGA video, flash; secondary video call VGA camera , put your photo on your mobile
- Bluetooth v2.0
- EDGE - Class 10, 236.8 kbps
- 3G - 384 kbps
- Push to Talk
- Java MIDP 2.0
- WAP 2.0
- Stereo FM radio (visual radio
- Music player
- T9
- Organiser
- Voice dial/memo
- USB v2.0, Pop-Port
- SyncML
- Built-in handsfree
Standard battery, Li-Ion 970 mAh (BP-6M)
Stand-by: Up to 200 h
Talk time: Up to 5 h

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#1 comments 2011-04-04 14:07
10.02.2006 05:19
bumbum says:
Generally very happy with the phone. Main problem is the button to connect incoming calls or disconnect calls on the headset doesn't work. I also would like to know if the phone can use a 1 G miniSD card or is the 512 Mg the biggest?

31.03.2006 01:14
Lucky says:
Nokia 6280 has internal Stereo Speakers people why is everyone saying music sound is good but mono. It aint Mono coz you have Stereo Widening on the phone so that means you can get better audio quality so therefore it has internal Stereo Speakers its an upgrade of 6270 model but whereas 6270 doesn't support eAAC+, AAC+ v1.0, AAC+ v2.0 & the 6280 does.

02.04.2006 14:19
stoo says:
I use a mini 2gb card and it works fine.

28.04.2006 20:16
brune says:
bumbum: The tiny button between the Vol-up and Vol-down rubber buttons on the side of the headset knuckle only lights up the screen for you, the real Answer Button is the big black rocker on the front face of the knuckle. I was fooled too. I'm happy with my phone, but every now and then it reboots itself, seems like the "General" profile is a bit unstable after I personalized it. And the photos at 1600x1200 are full of jpeg noise but lowering the resolution to 1280x960 cleans it up nicely.

02.06.2006 07:18
Matt says:
I've had the 6280 for a few months, and very happy. Some downers thou: Original software is slow and freezes (flash the phone to the latest version 03.41 which now works wonders), battery life (approx 2 days when using camera, mp3, etc), and converting video clips to .3gp (which i find annoying). Apart from that its save me a few xtra $$ by combining an mp3 player, flash drive, and phone in one. Also buy a bigger external miniSD drive (64mb is given but i have a 512)

10.06.2006 05:33
ring ring says:

Excellent display size & quality
Great camera quality (daylight/good lighting)
Expandable memory
Large storage capacity for sms messages
Easy to use keypad

Sliding mechanism gets loose
Vibration causes the phone to rattle
Poor quality of night/poor lighting pictures Sound quality could have been better
Slightly heavy & chunky
Lots of nooks & crannies where dust particles find their way into

Overall a pretty good phone. Heaps of features and love the sliding feature. I'd rate it 4 out of 5.

01.07.2006 05:35
Alan says:
I just wanna ask some questions. 1. how can i install theme? i mean, if i put a theme in my memory card using my card reader, does my phone detect the theme and i can apply it? 2. if i transfer songs from my PC to my nokia 6280 using card reader, does the songs automatically detected by the music player? I've been using bluetooth dongle for my recent phone and its my first time to use a card reader in this phone that's why I'm asking these questions. pls help. because they said that its better to transfer files using card reader,thanks.
#2 comments 2011-04-04 14:10
13.07.2006 07:19
bow says:
hmm..I had this fone not long..but my main problem is that i cant find the themes i want...I like anime themes alot..but i juz cant find..anyone got any website to download free anime themes for this fone ?

26.09.2006 12:10
JO says:
bumbum: yes you xcan use a 1gb min sd card on the phone I've got one right no

22.10.2006 05:46
Lynz says:
**QUESTION:: Is this phone preferred over the Sony Ericsson k610i ?? Pros & Cons pls, I am wanting to purchase a new phone shortly & all your feedback would be great!!!

06.11.2006 22:18
6280 says:
u can use up to 2gb mini sd card on me

14.11.2006 00:57
neo says:
excellent phone i have 34mb memory used for 3d games :thumbsup:

19.11.2006 12:32
Robert says:
This phone would have been an outstanding 3g phone if the usual "Nokia ruggedness" was present in its features. Its got all the great features but I'm disappointed when i discovered mine with a cracked lens. The amazing thing is that the external lens was intact while the internal LCD display's cracked. Just a whittish light is seen on the display. I took it back to 3shop and was made to understand that i may be made to pay for the repair cost if engineers feel that it was my fault. I reserve my final comment till when i get my verdict tomorrow. Thank God i was given a bulky Motorola as loan phone.

25.11.2006 00:11
safeera says:
How do I open my security code?

08.12.2006 05:23
shuxian says:
is good , I love it very very much.....

20.01.2007 04:22
Vlad says:
I'm now on my 3rd 6280! The first one let in dust and had a loose slider, the second one had a dead pixel dead center of the screen and a loose slider and switched itself of when the camera was activated. I have today received my 3rd unit and it seems better than the other 2. The slider is better and less loose but I will have to see if this one switches itself off and lets in dust....if that's the case 3 will be getting this one back too. Its a nice looking phone with a good screen and plenty of features....its just a shame Nokia quality control has gone down the toilet!

02.03.2007 05:46
XUYEN296 says:
IT'S VERY GOOD! :thumbsup:

19.03.2007 04:58
Charmaine says:
Anybody know any website that can download java games for free? :oops:

07.04.2007 07:10
jude says:
work's better but i cant find application

24.04.2007 21:38
csanthemum says:
6280 is quite good but gv sum problem coz d connection of earphone.. 5300 easier.. but i like 6280.. tat y i bought it.. if d system is s60 will b perfect.. new target is 5700

27.06.2007 11:54
esperanza says:
great phone with 3G,2mp camera and mp3 player!

02.07.2007 04:44
sami says:
how do i install songs :question:

05.08.2007 22:04
mika83 says:
my alarm clock 4 6280 doesn't work!!! y? anybody can help me?

05.09.2007 17:26
Jukebox says:
Do NOT buy this phone. This has to be the worst phone I've ever purchased, after replacing 3 phones due to cracked screens a camera that stopped working and it randomly turning its self off I am not prepared to waste any more money to replace it. :applaud:

03.12.2007 21:02
I also have this phone...but i used it for only half month cost it is not cool.... :evil:

10.02.2008 13:45
I like its sliding shape and its screen

29.02.2008 13:19
sabesh says:
I like your Themes
#3 Kantti 2011-04-04 14:11
30.03.2008 01:24

Themes & games & other cool stuff can be found, for free, all over the web. I'm using 6280 too and it works fine. I've been using themes i made myself, and from that site too. Great phone! e-mail me, if something: e.ramedar[]gmai l.com
#4 Frank 2011-04-04 14:11
21.04.2008 02:46

ich habe auch ein 6280 und problemme mit meiner 2gb speicher karte bei 473mb ist es nicht mehr möglich daten drauf zu laden weder mit blootuh noch mit infrarot auch das verschieben auf die speicherkarte ist nicht möglich es kommt immer die meldung senden fehlgeschlagen es geht nur noch mit dem datenkabel und das ohne problemme wer kennt das problem und kann mir da weiter helfen habe auch schon eine andere karte benutz aber das gleiche problem und karte formtieren hat auch nich geholfen als wer hat da einen tip
#5 nic 2011-04-04 14:11
03.06.2008 10:30

I've had mine repaired 2wice because of the camera and the slide... now my key pad buttons 7.8 and 9 don't work :-)try txting without those... effing hard let me assure u... just finished my warranty on the phone so its possibly going to cost me more to repair it then its worth now! but i cant go without my phone! ANNOYING :evil:
#6 MICHELLE 2011-04-04 14:12
02.07.2008 03:31

cant use my 3G...duh! :sigh:
#7 joel 2011-04-04 14:12
17.01.2009 12:44

nice phone i love it :lol:

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