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Nokia 6111


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- Explore phone features, see simulations, learn tips and tricks.
- Download Nokia 6111 Manual (English, PDF file, 0.98 MB )
- Other languages
- Download PC and phone software and drivers.
PC Suite (For Windows XP and 2000)
Nokia 6111 Modem Drivers
GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2005, June
Dimensions: 84 x 47 x 23 mm, 76 cc
Weight: 92 g
Type: TFT, 256k colors
Size: 128 x 160 pixels (29x35mm)
- 5-way navy key
- Downloadable themes
Type: Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Customization: download, order now
Vibration : Yes
- Stereo sound
Phonebook: Yes
Call records: 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Card slot: No
- 23 MB shared memory
OS: -
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
Clock: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Infrared port: Yes
Games: Champ Rally 3D, Golf Tour, Backgammon II, Solitaire + downloadable , order now
Colors: Silver on Pearl White, Glossy Black on Silver, Dark
Languages: Major European and Asia-Pacific languages
Camera: 1 MP, 1152x864 pixels, video(QCIF), flash , put your photo on your mobile
- Bluetooth v2.0
- EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
- HSCSD 43.2 kbps
- Push-to-talk service
- FM radio
- Java MIDP 2.0
- MP3/AAC player
- WAP 2.0/xHTML browser
- Voice dial/memo
- T9
- USB port
- Calendar
- Built-in handsfree
Standard battery, Li-Ion 700 mAh (BL-4B)
Stand-by: Up to 200 h
Talk time: Up to 3 h

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#1 comments 2011-04-04 13:36
20.11.2005 14:05
markus says:
it looks nice,the rounded edges look great, looks like a little camera from the back.nice and simple numeric keypad design.seems to have everything except the expandable memory.

10.02.2006 05:00
unlocked says:
hey i got this phone recently, and i find that i cant change the messaging font size from normal to small. the option's greyed out, anyone else having this problem? cos i dunno if its just me or a problem with the firmware.

31.03.2006 00:49
Sam says:
I've had my nokia 6111 3 months now and i love it! its so lightweight,muc h better than any other phone I've had.the concerns I've read regarding the battery are valid,my wife has a nokia 3120 and weights about the same she gets a week battery life out of hers.sure i talk heaps more than she does(believe that or not!)but with the 6111 it has a lot to do with fact that it powers 262000 colors vs 4061 colors in the 3120.i recommend the 6111 to anyone to takes good care of there mobile,the 6111 requires a lot of tlc.

02.04.2006 20:33
BANG; says:
I think it's great! it looks totally great, and its screen color is great too, as for the memory, its good enough fer people that don't download a lot of songs but choose to keep it simple, but i can't change my font to small but i like it BIG. ;-)

20.04.2006 01:38
kkkkkkkc says:
I have a problem of very poor listening to the caller, especially in open areas. Of course already adjust the volume to max. Anyone has the same problem and how to fix it. (

02.06.2006 06:54
Mono says:
This model is not good at all, only 3 months, the LCD screen suddenly blank, sent for repair for 4 hours, then I use it to sent 2 sms and test on video recording, the phone suddenly overheating and die... totally can not on at all. Sent for repair again, now it's been 2 weeks and still not ready, due to Nokia need to change the motherboard, and because of so many people having the same problems according to them, they run out of stocks, and now we are waiting for the new motherboard stock to come from origin country, Finland by seafreight and inland tpt, can you imagine how long it will take? at least 40 days.......

04.06.2006 23:26
fwalshy says:
Hi does anyone know how i can chanage the font from normal to small- mine is greyed out

10.06.2006 05:31
crazy frog says:

Looks good, small package.

Cons: Short battery life, average 2 days. Can be extended if you disable the wallpaper, max 4 days. Poor camera phone picture quality. Can't change font size of message to small (i.e. harder to read long SMS). After 2 months it still works :lol:

01.07.2006 05:38
David says:
does anybody know where i can download themes for free for the 6111?

13.07.2006 06:10
Julius says:
I got my 6111 about 5 months ago and I've got the same display problem too! but most importantly, there seems to be something wrong with the messaging. every time i type a message, the letters get erased by themselves automatically, and its rather annoying when you're in a rush to send a msg. anyone experiencing same probs?

16.09.2006 11:11
sue says:
had this phone since april, works perfectly no problems at all Smile , battery last 3-4 days, camera is clear enough to see photos tho only 23mb memory allows u only 3-4 songs but u might as well get mp3 if u really want to listen to music

05.10.2006 22:08
eames says:
I've had the phone for 5 months now.... ok lets see, the slide mechanism has broken twice, and lately if i push to many buttons at once the thing turns off, and I've had the phone re-programmed 4 times, actually the last time i sent it in for repairs they just gave me a new one, ya its a sweet phone to look at but its got many problems!

19.11.2006 12:21
Fx says:
This is the worst excuse for a phone. DO NOT BUY!! This phone kept crashing within a few days of buying it and it has stopped turning on now. I have had to send it to the Nokia service center for repair-not something i have had to do with the brick that was the 3410 before! The signal keeps fliting on and off...the key pad seems to be unresponsive. I would rate this in the minus figures if i could. This is a piece of junk..a very expensive paper weight if anything!
#2 comments 2011-04-04 13:38
20.01.2007 04:15
n00b says:
Bitterly disappointed with this phone. Enough to make me seriously reconsider buying a Nokia again. Software was highly unreliable. SIM not recognized until it had been in the phone for 2 days, battery terrible, switched itself on and off, prompted me to activate PTT every 5 Min's - which caused the phone to freeze - only remedy to this was switching phone off. Even the buttons didn't work. In a nutshell, this phone was virtually unusable, totally unreliable, and utterly unsatisfactory.

25.01.2007 11:43
serious please! says:
Great mobile phone.... for those who aren't concerned with consumerism, also with unnecessary luxury!!! Simply, it's excellent phone for adults- it's not made for kids playing!

25.06.2007 02:13
AzRoL28 says:
The Memory is UsELess

22.07.2007 23:05
DeXTeR says:
Everything is great :thumbsup:

05.09.2007 17:17
TvR says:
The microphone on a 6111 I bought as a backup phone abroad has broken less than two weeks after buying. The worst record for any piece of electronics I've ever bought.

09.09.2007 22:02
kalai says:
hallo der! me too sobra malagot na ko minsan sa cel ko na 6111. ika daghan nako nagattempt na e sell kya lang wla coz gamay ra ea MB. nway accepting d fact nlang coz naa na man. bway godblesss.blahh h. ;-)

21.10.2007 19:24
ashley says:
hello... buy this phone coz its so great.... :P

23.10.2007 18:29
Nefra says:
If you are looking for a phone with a lot of features but do not continually use them but just want them in case you need them, then this is the phone to buy. It is cheap compared to others with same capabilities - so far I have had the best of luck with this phone. :lol:

03.11.2007 06:00
≈h3r5oN≈ says:
Hello :-)I Think in my own point of view I think Idea this Nokia 6111 phone is ALMOST PERFECT but it seems that it don't have a expanded memory and don't have a changeable font-size. These Nokia 6111 has already built in INFRARED, BLUETOOTH and USB port even though the memory itself only 23 MB but because of these BUILT IN CONNECTIVITY and also it already has a Flash and also it so very comfortably fit to your hand.

12.11.2007 20:52
sal says:
every phone has its good feature, after all the manufacturer wont produce something that would turn down their name. Nokia 6111 is stylish but its fragile.

11.12.2007 23:27
Acer says:
if you want a slider phone but nokia 5300 its way more better than this phone its QVGA display and mush louder sound quality!

17.02.2008 14:59
xtian says:
simple and elegant, just don't drop and it will have no probs :lol:

20.05.2008 19:23
lisa says:
anyone know where i can get themes?
#3 sky 2011-04-04 13:39
26.06.2008 04:57

I've been using this fone since October last yr and so far my only problem is if your going to use your date cable you have to look for the software first..problem is i move from one computer to the other so i have to download it every now and then so that i can transfer my files and save it to the pc..other than that i find it ok since i can just put it inside my jeans pocket without thinking it might get broken or something..i suggest before you buy cellphones check for the warranty first its because sometimes it just gets broken and i don't blame the fone..its safer to blame the manufacturer coz they are the ones who built it aight! :o:lol:
#4 Pavla 2011-04-04 13:39
30.08.2008 11:55

I have the same problem as kkkkkc "I have a problem of very poor listening to the caller, especially in open areas. Of course already adjust the volume to max. Anyone has the same problem and how to fix it. (" The rign works ok, but I cannot hear the person on the other side, despite volume being on maximum.
#5 pete 2011-04-04 13:40
23.05.2009 10:28

How do i change battery on 6111,lost my book. :sad:
#6 jhanz 2011-04-04 13:40
12.07.2009 09:20

I got this phone 4 months from now..its nice..i dropped it many times but it still works..however, sometimes it has malfunctions but then just one smack in my palm then it works again..hehe..th e grayed fonts are not usable,u can only use normal fonts,large and extra small fonts ..goodluck
#7 Plugger 2011-04-04 13:40
27.08.2009 09:04

My wife has a nokia 6111 recently she has had trouble hearing caller and she said it echos
#8 Tom 2011-04-04 13:40
27.08.2009 11:26

Maybe the phone is tapped

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