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Nokia 5300 XpressMusic


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>> Download Nokia 5300 Manual (PDF file, 4.46 MB)
>> Explore product features through step-by-step simulations.
GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2006, September
Dimensions: 92.4 x 48.2 x 20.7 mm, 85 cc
Weight: 106 g
Type: TFT, 256K colors
Size: 240 x 320 pixels, 31 x 42 mm
- Downloadable themes
Type: Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Customization: download
Vibration : Yes
Phonebook: Yes
Call records: Yes
Card slot: microSD (TransFlash), hotswap (up to 2 GB)
- 5 MB internal memory
OS: -
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
3G No
EDGE: Class 10, 236.8 kbps
Bluetooth: Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
Infrared: Yes
USB: Yes, miniUSB
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging
Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML
Games: Yes , download
Colors: Red, Black
Camera: 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video(QCIF), put your photo on your mobile
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Stereo FM radio
- MP3/SpMidi/AAC/AAC+ player
- T9
- Reminders
- Stopwatch
- Built-in handsfree
- Voice memo/commands
Standard battery, Li-Ion 860 mAh (BL-5B)
Stand-by: Up to 225 h
Talk time: Up to 3 h

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#1 MI6 2011-04-05 17:00
31.10.2006 07:35

Looks more like a upgraded version of 6111. but how can u call it a music phone when it have such low embedded memory? mayb the sound quality is good, but... not my type... slider phone. I think I'll go for N80
#2 jamapel 2011-04-05 17:01
19.11.2006 21:23

I like the 6111 in pink this new version sucks!! :o:evil:
#3 Frank 2011-04-05 17:01
20.01.2007 04:01

Had it for two days and had to replace it as the Radio didn't work, the memory card wouldn't read and the bluetooth headphone (Nokia brand) would not connect. Lets hope the replacement goes better... Also, I agree with the comment that the phone feels plasticy. I just swapped from a Sony Ericcson and they do feel a lot more substantial (despite their smaller size). Nokia take note!
#4 rc_1519 2011-04-05 17:01
09.03.2007 00:34

for muziq loverz this is FOR YOU~! this MP3 phone is capable of storing 2000 songs!!! loved this!!
#5 sallycarrera5 2011-04-05 17:01
27.03.2007 19:59

I really want this phone the themes of Sony Erricson and Nokia look alike I really like the phone and I like the Slider phone
#6 PSi 2011-04-05 17:02
31.03.2007 04:16

Plastic not so fantastic Evil or Very Mad This was my first Nokia phone for about 4 years and darn they have gone down hill fast...this is a cheap phone and you can tell, when the green lights so does the rest of the phone the plastic is so thin and cheap.. I would not like to drop this phone as i don't think it will last a years contract.. luckily i did a postcode check on the T-moble website before buying as the coverage where is live is poor so now i can send it back and not be charged.. nokia workings and screens were clean and easy to use but the inside is not protected
#7 xxnoonzxx 2011-04-05 17:02
01.04.2007 07:32

well no phone is absolutely perfect but i have bought nokia 5300 & its like the best ever!!! if u want 2 have more songs u can buy a new memory smarties! :P
#8 comments 2011-04-05 17:04
01.04.2007 21:38
xxkaT01211xx says:
is there any bluetooth in there!?!? :question:

02.04.2007 00:35
BABYBz3 says:
I don't really know if i like my new phone yet as of right now hell no :evil:

02.04.2007 22:16
hitman says:
nokia 5300 is the best for music lovers, those *****ty ass sayin it sucks, well u suck coz u didn't even read it's specs.

14.04.2007 05:50
pau_paucutie says:
I really like dis pone me and my bf really spent our allowance to buy dis pone then his father gave us additional money as my bday gift then i have it now,,.. its sound is good... nice but i don't have 2gig memory maybe nxtym... :lol:

20.04.2007 17:46
roy says:
nokia 5300 really rocks my music world!! it has a fantastic specs too.. got a nice&clean camera shoots! jz like a digicam also! ;-)

08.05.2007 04:01
manoj says:
nokia 5300 really focks my music

23.05.2007 06:56
Adam says:
As usual, complete rubbish phone from Nokia. Sony Ericsson W550 is much much better. :evil:

26.05.2007 00:49
uppha says:
I've never had an mp3 phone..for such phone of its kind,i think its quite good,n not completely rubbish!! ;-)

30.05.2007 00:33
cupz says:
this mobile is realy2 great so much funtastic music mobile

19.06.2007 15:50
CHA says:
my 5300 phone! d best! 8)
#9 comments 2011-04-05 17:06
20.06.2007 13:09
sarah says:
its a nice phone .. cool . but the battery is damn weak. play a few songs why texting and the battery'll only last for 3 hours like that. practically its a stupid phone.. well only for the battery but the SOUND and memory is goo0oood. :lol:but nokia 5700 better

24.06.2007 15:19
Roey says:
Heyyy!!!! Mine is da best!!! :P

27.06.2007 14:15
shaun says:
my 5300 phone rocks 8)

28.06.2007 03:57
Shan says:
My phone is super cool !!!! :applaud:

08.07.2007 16:55
Rey says:
Great mob! Z choice 4 music lovers!!! :-)

08.07.2007 20:11
tawariq says:
MY PHONE! I love it so much and i dont live without it ;-)its a perfect choice :thumbsup:

29.07.2007 15:37
mr. guitar says:
hi I don't know wut i buy 5200 or 5300 or 6300 or wut i love this phone very mutsh but some friends say it is a baby phone some else say that the batary live is so badddd :sigh:

29.07.2007 23:37
marka says:
I think you should buy the 5300 ;-)

30.07.2007 07:18
mr.guitar says:
thanks for your answer but wut about the batary do you have it ? pls answer mme

30.07.2007 22:43
marka says:
The battery is not good. SE W810 is way better :evil:

06.08.2007 16:05
basicsbaby says:
dog i love my nokia 5300 its the ***** i don't need more than two gigs of song memory so you can shove off

07.08.2007 15:39
mr.guitar says:
hay can any one help me i will buy a new mobile today what i can buy too be better 5300 or 6300 or 3250 :thumbsup: :question:

08.08.2007 08:51
mr.guitar says:
is it have 3G or no in egypt :question:

26.08.2007 17:22
waynelee says:
dis 5300..hmmm..fai r enuf 4 music lovers!!!

29.08.2007 17:33
aduka says:
cool hp...mine is the all black edition 8)
#10 Florian 2011-04-05 17:07
05.09.2007 17:05

It looks rubbish the only good thing in it is it's music. But you have to buy a separate card for that as well. Get the Sony Ericsson W850i, is much better!
#11 mr.guitar 2011-04-05 17:07
27.09.2007 06:34

I bought my n 5300 it's a great phone, the sound is tooooooooooo loud and good 8)
#12 whiz_kid18 2011-04-05 17:08
07.10.2007 10:36
=][whiz_kid18][= says:

damn... my n5300 was awesome..!?! its one of a kind.. xpress music! :lol:
#13 adr 2011-04-05 17:08
17.10.2007 02:40

this is d best fone ever. All u haters out there is punks.This fone will outlast any sonyericsson can make.PEACE :rolleyes:
#14 Micky 2011-04-05 17:08
19.10.2007 04:41

This phone is really great for music, data, and other stuff. Bluetooth works perfect. I had to return the first one I bought cuz the screen went blank when i moved the front half of the phone a certain way, it was just a simple default in the phone; other than that I got my new one today. Works awesome.. Got a nice case with it and also its great for listening to music when jogging or just walking around or hanging out.. I would recommend this phone to anyone who wants music, data, and that kind of stuff on their phone. It is also relatively easy to use and figure out. 8 out of 10. -Mike. Salem, NH :P
sexy k
#15 sexy k 2011-04-05 17:08
21.10.2007 01:22

I just got it and i love it !!! :thumbsup:
mr. guitar
#16 mr. guitar 2011-04-05 17:08
28.10.2007 03:41

very very very super phone for music lovers i can go eith internet so fast and good with etesalat life
#17 nikki 2011-04-05 17:09
28.10.2007 08:04

I have a nokia 5300 now. i got it from my birthday. its pretty cool actually. i love music and i don't care if the storage is not that much bcos i can always buy a new memory card. and those *****ty asses that keep on saying is not good because probably u don't take care of it or u don't know the coool new features. and those people are ***** IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WINTER!! :evil:
#18 izhar 2011-04-05 17:09
28.10.2007 12:27

unique in design, has quite a good sound system. so yeah. good phone. ;-)
#19 Acer 2011-04-05 17:09
28.10.2007 23:21

I got my 5300 last July, it rocks it got all the connectivity that i needed got much more louder sound that my Sony Ericcsson W850i got mine a 2 GB memory and supports almost all music formats!!.. I really love my 5300 phone and still , works the same as i first got it! My conclusion this phone is way more cool than sony walkman phones out there!... Love this!...
#20 Acer 2011-04-05 17:10
28.10.2007 23:24

Also it is very east to compose a sms or even e-mail its internet connectivity is very cool and faster that my sony W850i Razz If you are a music lover better buy this one! i bet you, you'll never look for more. ^_^
#21 SaraBeth 2011-04-05 17:10
29.10.2007 12:00

Ummm the phone overall is aight. I haven't had a nokia phone since 2002 and i got the 5300 cuz I thought it was cute and the sound on it is amazing. HOWEVER, the lcd can be easily cracked. I'm already on screen number 3. The first time someone sat on my phone and the second I have no clue as to how it happened. Plus the battery life sucks. I'm so over this phone now :rolleyes:
#22 ishlop 2011-04-05 17:10
31.10.2007 02:03

got this phone last month and feeling real great having this as my phone. The battery is really sux though, but the music capabilities it gives totally own and SE walkman they can roduce.. :P.. one more thing, SLIDE..i love SLIDE phones as it is.... hehe... you wouldn't look back when you have this (music lover). if you're lookin for anything else than music i would say don't go for this...is totally for MUSIC lover only !!! hehe
#23 comments 2011-04-05 17:13
11.11.2007 18:00
zanes says:
how much is this philippine peso :question:

13.11.2007 07:53
shane says:
I love it.. :thumbsup:

15.11.2007 21:45
Acer says:
In peso now its only 9000+ in peso.

10.12.2007 11:00
gangsta says:
I hate this phone its money wasting :sad:

29.12.2007 08:36
Carl says:
this phone is cool. 8)what idiot sits on their phone anyway? :lol:pfftt. :rolleyes:

04.01.2008 16:41
anonymous says:
I have the nokia 5300 now. first i bought the black version and the housing got destroyed so i changed the housing and made the color apple green. i say its nice but i dont like it that much. but the nokia 5310 is more compatible with my personality. ;-)

23.01.2008 13:40
carlo_kilabot says:
I really like my nokia 5300, because it have all features anybody want to have.aside from this it compatible my personality... ;-)

01.02.2008 00:23
acer says:
my nokia 5300 is great ill be using it for a few years! hehehe

04.03.2008 12:04
novskie says:
bibilhin ko ang phone na yan (5300)coz i really love music

12.03.2008 18:08
secret.. says:
like it!!!muchmuch!! ! ;-)

20.05.2008 07:49
mika says:
I got this phone for a year now!

07.06.2008 10:01
Ruydsaki says:
I like this phone very much!!!! :thumbsup:

25.06.2008 02:24
angie says:
I have this phone and i really like it,the thing is i have a purple kind,and it became dirty,black is better cuz you wont tell if its dirty or not.

25.06.2008 02:26
Acer says:
Hey every one its my 5300's first birthday! So you are all invites LOL :lol:

15.07.2008 12:44
vikram X says:
Thanks for Nokia.......... .. 5300Help for impress to girls..
#24 podcasted 2011-04-05 17:14
24.08.2008 14:32

is it too late to buy this one now? I'm planning to get one a week from now. I had a crush on this phone since it came out on the market. :P
#25 chuckskull 2011-04-05 17:14
17.06.2009 04:18

I like my nokia5300.. if you don't like it.. you make your own handphone.. hahahahah 8)
#26 srinivas 2011-04-05 17:14
17.06.2009 08:56

so many features in 5300.best example music version and mini dictionary and more
#27 celulitis 2011-04-05 17:14
06.07.2009 10:58

my 5300 still with me since 16 months ago, its amazing, there are a lot of downloads for this phone, games, pictures, themes for everywhere. I hope it still with me until my death :loveit:
#28 ridhwansyah 2011-04-05 17:15
12.10.2009 13:29

I have the nokia 5300 now. first i bought the black version and the housing got destroyed so i changed the housing and made the color apple green. I say its nice but i dont like it that much. but the nokia 5310 is more compatible with my personality. ;-):thumbsup:
argha d_cool_dude
#29 argha d_cool_dude 2011-04-05 17:15
09.02.2010 13:42

Nokia 5300 has Home Theatre sound:!:
dean arthur
#30 dean arthur 2011-04-05 17:15
24.05.2010 05:33

5300 is good but its so weak in flex and battery :sad:

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