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Nokia 3250


66mobile.com Mobile Themes

GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2005, September
Dimensions: 103.8 x 50 x 19.8 mm
Weight: 130 g
Type: TFT, 256K colors
Size: 176 x 208 pixels, 35 x 41 mm
- Downloadable screensavers,
Type: Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Customization: download
Vibration : Yes
Phonebook: Advanced
Call records: Yes
Card slot: microSD (TransFlash) (up to 2GB)
- 10 MB internal memory
OS: Symbian OS v9.1, Series 60 rel. 3.0
GPRS: Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
3G No
EDGE: Class 10, 236.8 kbps
Bluetooth: Yes, v1.2
Infrared: No
USB: Yes, Pop-Port
Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML
Games: Punkwigs, Snakes , download
Colors: Black, Green, Pink, Silver
Camera: 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, 4x digital zoom, video(QCIF), put your photo on your mobile
- Push to Talk
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Stereo MP3/AAC player
- Stereo FM radio including Visual Radio
- Visual radio
- Music Playback time: up to 10 hours
- Standard 3.5 mm stereo headphones jack
- T9
- PIM functions
- Voice dial/memo
- Built-in handsfree
Standard battery, Li-Ion 1100 mAh (BP-6M)
Stand-by: Up to 245 h
Talk time: Up to 3 h

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#1 comments 2011-04-04 16:01
01.12.2005 03:47
nn says:
how much does it costs? :rolleyes:

21.12.2005 22:36
abhishek says:
when this phone will be available in india ..... waiting for it badly

27.12.2005 16:42
masud says:
it would cost 350 EURO and hopefully available on Feb 2006

28.12.2005 06:57
louis says:
a microdrive would be nice on this phone :P

02.01.2006 21:15
Kris says:
How much India Rs does it cost.. want b4 feb 2006

10.02.2006 04:34
unlocked says:
it will be released this month :lol:

15.02.2006 19:26
sardar ji says:
how much this fone cost ?

28.02.2006 02:20
Aprilia says:
it says on the O2 website that it is available in April 2006

05.03.2006 02:44
srikrishna says:
how much it costs in india

12.03.2006 02:23
ange says:
still waiting :thumbsup:

14.03.2006 02:46
sarthak says:
should cost about 18,000
#2 comments 2011-04-04 16:03
31.03.2006 00:23
Tom says:
I don't think the sound quality can compare to SE Walkman phones but as long as it is not like what 3230 used to have, I'd be grateful

07.04.2006 23:47
ange says:
:o how long do i have to wait :mad:

09.04.2006 16:18
clarence says:
it will cost a load of armpit hair

10.04.2006 23:36
Sreenivas says:
The phone costs Rs.18000 in Bangalore. The camera is fantastic.

22.04.2006 23:35
Dissel says:
I want to buy the Nokia 3250...when it is available in india ?....Price? ...what the size of Memory card will include in the sales package ?....Is there any loud good speaker like Nokia 6270 or not ? :question:

26.04.2006 06:24
shauna says:
how much is it in euro I'm getting it off this website if u tell me :lol:

08.05.2006 23:40
faadi says:
from where can i download n 3250 applications and themes

15.05.2006 23:52
anastasia-greece says:
trying to find games and themes for 3250 but is impossible.plea se advise any other site :sad:

16.05.2006 02:23
RK says:
is 3250 better than 3230 really?

17.05.2006 08:44

17.05.2006 08:45
SONU 9868202161 says:

29.05.2006 22:13
oswind says:
Where to get themes and games for this phone????
#3 comments 2011-04-04 16:04
02.06.2006 06:00
Mike says:
How to remove theme from 3250? btw, 3250 has window media player right now? anyways to change the info of song(artist, album,.....) in 3250?

04.06.2006 05:00
anonymous says:
how much does this phone , 3250 cost . pls tel me :sad:

05.06.2006 19:23
dana says:
tis phone rocks man..guess it cost abt 500-700 bucks.. ;-)

06.06.2006 05:10
JJ says:
In Europe it's about 350 Euro (~ 450 $)

06.06.2006 17:20
Daniel frm Philippines says:
it costs about 17000-19000 pesos

06.06.2006 18:36
dana says:
anyone here has it already??really wana get it! :mad:

09.06.2006 04:03
Nicki says:
How much IS it???????i wanna get it but i don't no da price itz FREE EVERYWHERE AARRGGH :evil:

09.06.2006 04:28
lso says:
I bought it for dhs1575 with a 512mb card it aint cheap!!!

22.06.2006 06:39
zaid says:
in iraq it costs350$,still no programs available :lol:

28.06.2006 02:57
stan says:
guys where can i find the themes, applications, games etc for this cell. Overall the mobile is really good and the best thing is that is too loud and its also fast in operating...rea lly good one

02.07.2006 18:53
Gypsy says:
This phone is ok, I got it about 2 months ago, I give it 3 stars, takes a bit of getting used too!

12.07.2006 03:54
Ang3l says:
I have IT :mad:
#4 comments 2011-04-04 16:06
12.07.2006 06:40
Carl says:
I have now a 6680...and i wonder which is better...3250 or 6680???and why(i mean i know that the camera is better and the quality of the sound is better at the 3250 oh yeah and the radio but are there any other pros that should make me buy this phone or any other cons that should make me keep the 6680???)???i heard that 3250 has the latest symbian and i also heard that the symbian applications which you can dowload or buy now aren't working on this phone...is that true??? please help me...thx

13.07.2006 18:09
cc says:
how much does this thing cost. ima buy this. it looks hella nice. I love the color too. I love pink.

13.07.2006 21:01
sumukh says:
I have bought diz fone but wen want to c d balance it doesn't come........ can u hlp me :cry:

15.07.2006 11:31
N!ma says:
IT's prefect but there's no software for it... :sad:

22.07.2006 21:24
farhan says:
dont buy it, i bought, it doesnt read any sis file :oops:

24.07.2006 05:22
guess says:
I have this freaking nice phone!!! yayness

27.07.2006 00:33
lavanya says:
I find it such a cool cell! I bought it on 12/06/2006 and its a lovely cell

27.07.2006 19:37
pepe says:
how much does it cost in philippine peso? email me ta joepia747[]yaho o.com.. thanx

28.07.2006 00:36
Ramji says:
What is today's price of 3250 in ahmedabad, india

08.08.2006 07:34
Sashi from Malaysia says:
the sound is very good..from its loudspeaker to its sound player..but its bulky n big for a Smile smart phone..now new users will like it..but later on u'd definitely try to sell it off ...try looking at n70 aite...I recommend it..

08.08.2006 20:05
wendell says:
price of Nokia 3250 pesos..... (brand new)

10.08.2006 08:02
robert says:
total package sales of 3250 in the philippine pls....??? :question:

12.08.2006 06:20
vish says:
in india it is exactly priced at Rs. 15880.It is a good phone but 1 thing i didn't liked was it's earphones which was in-ear type & a bit uncomfortable.C amera Quality is amazing (2 MP)but zoom is only 4x.

15.08.2006 03:04
Jini says:
Which is abetter phone 3230 or 3250?

16.08.2006 13:33
fifo says:
nokia 3250 i the best i bought it two days ago ! it costs 360 us dollors here in palestine(inclu ding all Accessories)

19.08.2006 09:23
Veena says:
The cost is 15,800 Rupees,got 2 weeks back
#5 cosmin 2011-04-04 16:08
20.08.2006 05:04

I recently brought this phone and I really tell you guyz...this phone is one of the best among music phones...

Music Player Modes.
2 Mpx Camera Excellent at bright conditions.
Extremely loud speaker.
Crystal clear sound in speakers.
Good headset with very good bass effects.
Comes close to IPod on music.
512 MB Micro SD.
Flight Mode.
Good Display.
Symbian OS9.1(Not many Music phones run on Symbian OS..like SE for example doesn't use symbian).
Extremely fast file transfer using USB.
Stylish Look.
Unique Twist...how many can twist like this.

Camera very average in dim light.
No Flash.
Macro mode not good.
Latest Symbian Os..so it takes time for softwares to come out.
Bit Bulky.
Back cover easily gets finger prints.
Average Video recording.
Doesn't support .sis files.
Slot for SIM makes me angry sometimes.

Overall this is a good phone to have...Costs around 16K....Great value for money...I would recommend this phone over SE phones.Great companion for Music lovers.
#6 comments 2011-04-04 16:09
23.08.2006 12:59
MEHMET says:

23.08.2006 13:08
amo says:
very good and easy to handle with loud clear voice :applaud:

28.08.2006 21:10
epol says:
this phone is really good.....I have one,,,,,,,,,,, :thumbsup:

01.09.2006 23:00
katie says:
how much does it cost in australia and when is it available in australia

12.09.2006 17:08
acap says:
which one cool 3250 or sony ericsson w810

13.09.2006 00:50
Stan says:
@acap: I would say W810i ;-)

15.09.2006 09:19
Muz says:
how 2 dwnload 3250 themes 2 my hp?

17.09.2006 01:00
acap says:
what is the visual radio???? :rolleyes:

25.09.2006 08:53
AD says:
do u think i sud buy this cell or not ?? :question:
#7 Oliver 2011-04-04 16:09
25.09.2006 10:16

GO FOR IT!!! I got the phone today!!! Man, it rocks... I recommend it to anyone one who needs a very good phone. Oh ya, it does not have any message lagging problem as of now and it's camera is also good provided you have very good lights around. And also, it does not have any hanging problem either. So, this phone really ROCKS... Its almost 12 hrs with the phone and until now I am completely satisfied with it. Only problem that proved right for me is it's vibrator; it is very weak. But for me, I don't have any complaints..... Do anyone know if I can get photoacute for 3250? May be, we can get even more good output for the camera with it's help.... And again, do anyone know of gmap for 3250? I downloaded it from some site and the phone is saying that it is not supported although in the site it was specified that it would...
#8 comments 2011-04-04 16:11
03.10.2006 17:50
acap says:
which phone is more better 3250 or w810.give your reason

04.10.2006 02:14
Nick says:
I think u should buy thr SE W810i because of walkman feature,it is also Sony have experience in make walkman phone but nokia 1st time make walkaman phone so nokia must learn a lot of new things..SE W810i dont have message lag or something like that you know...so choose wisely!! GO for SE w810i! good luck in whatever ur choice

04.10.2006 05:57
acap says:
can you give reasons why should i buy se w810

04.10.2006 08:13
Tony says:
If you want a smartphone/musi cphone go with 3250, otherwise, the W810 is an excellent musicphone and has an industry-leadin g 2mpx cam but can be pretty boring if you use its other phone functions apart from the camera and MP3 player.

04.10.2006 18:07
acap says:
which sound is more quality and louder 3250 or se w810

05.10.2006 03:17
Brian says:
I don't know about the quality but Nokia 3250 has a louder speaker.

20.10.2006 00:19
sach says:
how much is nokia 3250 in the philippines these days :lol:

20.10.2006 08:01
ysoor says:
its cool phone ask me i have it

26.10.2006 22:04
Andrie says:
yes2 I like this phone, and 1 buy it for US$300 but the joystick is becoming scratcing and ugly :evil:

27.10.2006 02:45
Busayo says:
nice phone got one and the joystick is scratcing anh how do i change the case? :evil:

29.10.2006 15:37
trixie says:
it's not worth it nokia's new model of cellphones are not that good, i got a new one too but after 2weeks it started to hang and the sending msg thingy takes 3-5mins before to be send because it hangs and now it starts to blink even with my friend >

06.11.2006 20:38
gaara says:
good sound..easy to transfer music from pc via usb cable..them camera is good but a bit blur for snapped picture...the keypad is good...but the back cover easy to get fingerprint..i like the function...bad when sending sms..it will hang for more than 1 minute...but nokia has solve the problem..instal l sms accelerator from nokia 3250 support product to solve hang problem when sending sms...a bit hard to got a a software for this phone..it is because a new siries of symbian phone...support 1 gb of memory card and still fast to reading such a big memory...

08.11.2006 07:33
AD says:
I got it last week and it ROCKSSS ,, this phone is so cool in anything !!

16.11.2006 15:09
king dick says:
how does the videocam work?
#9 ZuZu 2011-04-04 16:11
19.11.2006 12:10

If you want a music phone this is not the best phone actually..i have to admit that nokia will never be able to produce a phone that have a good sound quality...even though it says that this is a music phone..the sound quality from those sony ericsson walkman phone(W800i and so on) can easily beat this phone sound quality..as for motorola ROKR E2..the sound technology has far past the sound quality from this phone..frankly speaking..this is a pathetic phone..there's no way nokia can beat sony ericsson and motorola in inventing a music phone..All those comments before(up) are all from the Nokia loyal customer..so they never stop praise all new nokia phones even though they knew the quality are average and sometimes below average...stop it guys!!..be honest to yourself and try different variety of new phones from other brand especially from sony ericsson and motorola.. I promise you won't be regretting it because you will realize how advanced they are especially in terms of sou and technology!
#10 comments 2011-04-04 16:14
21.11.2006 20:28
zameer says:
Phone is good but cam is not clear.. there are many dead pixel 8)

24.11.2006 01:31
khalooood says:
nobody buys this fone becouse there is no softwares :rolleyes:

05.12.2006 06:18
IMAN says:

07.12.2006 22:50
sidhu says:
how much is the cost... and is there any problem with the turning rotation feature?>

13.12.2006 21:38

25.12.2006 21:29
jia jia says:
it cost $500 something in singapore.and i just bought is easy and good to use :thumbsup: merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you :lol:

05.01.2007 18:37
angel says:
i have bought it.its a very good cellphone.but has a bad problem.that's its messaging time.when u have a sms,it doesn't show the time correctly.what do i do?

20.01.2007 03:56
Antoni says:
Great phone on average but find that phone memory is too small and the phone doesn't automatically revert to the memory card. As all contacts etc are stored on the phone memory this reduces memory capacity and eventually will not be able to transfer much by bluetooth at all. Apart from that the phone is bulky and heavy. If you are wanting to download most of your things from PC this will be great, but if you want videos/tunes from friends phones look at a SE!

14.02.2007 22:59
acap says:
which phone has loudspeaker accept 3250?

15.02.2007 17:52
qwerta says:
pota penge ng pang pabilis ng mobile 3230

18.02.2007 08:23
BSBOYS Fan says:
Hi Guys! my name is ibrahim. I'm from egypt. i bought this phone by 2000LE and i found it great but u should check every thing in it before u go home.

27.02.2007 02:57
jun2 says:
3250 is 14,000.00 pesos in the phils.

28.02.2007 08:50
rambo says:
I think that nokia3250 its the most brilliant phone o ever seen.those people who say the phone has got a problem or not working well, its because they don't take care of their phone :evil:

25.03.2007 23:51
nin says:
that's my phone! and I'm just 11:))

30.03.2007 20:01
nokia3250 lover says:
:lol: I own 2 of this phone, you guys should buy it too because it has many functions. better than SE walkman phones!

11.04.2007 01:22
tikuchi says:
heyyy :-) if somebody knows how download FS CALLER or where i can find it???

11.04.2007 08:32
mark frm phil. says:
I'll buy a fone next week but I'm thinking if i will buy 3250...I'm a music lover,but wer can i find themes and application,sof tware for this fone? help pls!

12.04.2007 09:13
mark frm phil. says:
help pls guys...can u give me info bout dat :question:
#11 comments 2011-04-04 16:17
14.04.2007 08:32
shut up nin says:
shut up.. who cares if u have it and ure just 11? how much is it in phils peso? does it depend on your store?

17.04.2007 18:15
what a great phone. I like it :thumbsup:

18.04.2007 14:18
fery says:
well, I don't know why, but it becomes cheaper now, with the 2MP camera, 3250 is still the same handset like 3230. to be the winner at its class, must still fight against W810i, never say 3250 is a great phone, unless you listen the sound quality and see the camera result of w810i. in my mind, 3250 can be more interesting if slimmer

25.04.2007 20:35
daboo says:
help! need call recorder for this phone. :sad:

27.04.2007 23:18
j-an from phil. says:
how much is 3250 and w810i in philippine peso :question:

16.05.2007 07:59
Jahangir says:
Excellent Cell Phone All features are outstanding except its battery timing which is worst and most probably the applications are still not available

19.05.2007 05:01
mukapera says:
how much? the fix price of it? hmm... 16k? brand new? :evil:

22.06.2007 07:36
stacy says:
these phones are to damn expensive...yol white bitches go to hell!!!!!!!!

30.06.2007 00:01
Nokia lover says:
I'm using this phone for 3 months. this phone has good sound output,while comparing with N73m 3250 stays back. Joystick in this phone s very very bad.when u play games with joystick ur thumb will start painin., on d hole d joystick s bad in this phone. d body of this phone s very poor. this phone is having heavy software bug. poor in display clarity. u can buy 5700 rather buying this s**t phone.

16.07.2007 20:56
hourglass says:
change the control keys dude... u can also use the keypads if ull just program it.. ;-)

07.08.2007 10:54
RWJ says:
:-) Great phone only problem is poor camera quality comparing to n70 & new phones introduced by nokia in 2007

07.08.2007 15:33
mr.guitar says:
can any one help me i will buy a phone today i don't know what i buy 5300 or 6300 or 3250 :question:

12.09.2007 10:00
beautifulnegra19 says:
Beautiful Fun :-)

21.10.2007 14:53
jep says:
hey guys, i also have n3250, i guess, se is more innovative in their walkmans, me nd my friend(who owns a sew810) concluded that se is d best, it has a louder speakers, great earphones, and has a good interface... well, i just don't know if the new nokia music(the one that can also be twisted, in red and white colors) is better than a se walkman... well e-mail me at hyperjep[]hotma il.com if you wanna have some tips from me... :lol:

11.11.2007 15:38
marianne says:
how much is it now in the philippines? brand new and second hand? help. :-)

16.11.2007 17:10
youz says:
how much its cost?

22.11.2007 22:18
buddy says:
hi guys, i would inform you all that nokia 3250 is not a good phone at all. i all ready use is past 1 year, and in plan to change to n95. nokia 3250 is just ok.. :sad:

16.12.2007 13:54
reiche says:
how much thus it cost in the philippines?
#12 marianne 2011-04-04 16:17
19.01.2008 15:57

still asking the same question. how much is it here in the philippines now? brand new and second hand. i have an se phone and the music rocks. p990i. the problem is, it is toooooo big. so i kinda need something which is just of the ryt size and is nokia. a phone which i can bring to school. please help. :sad:
#13 sorin_wny 2011-04-04 16:18
18.02.2008 01:03

cel mai bun telefon facut de nokia vreodata :lol:
#14 Ali 2011-04-04 16:18
10.03.2008 18:49

I love N73 8)
#15 amuz 2011-04-04 16:18
08.04.2008 16:18

hi!when this phone established i got only one for u$D 650 amusdshw :lol:
#16 Johnkundi 2011-04-04 16:18
08.04.2008 16:24

Excellent Cell Phone. All features are innovative except its battery timing which is worst and most probably the applications are still not available,wheth er internet :lol:
#17 sinead 2011-04-04 16:18
18.05.2008 11:01

dis fone is sick :lol:
#18 ashadeep 2011-04-04 16:19
30.06.2008 15:14

how 2 install themes in my n-gage qd :question:
#19 clau 2011-04-04 16:19
04.08.2008 11:24

as vrea sa-mi schimb carcasa la acest tel si nush de unde pot cumpara alta imi puteti spone si mie... intradevar este un tel fff bun va felicit pt design
#20 juner 2011-04-04 16:19
04.02.2009 06:50

Yahoo i have this phone!!!,it's Cool Love it... :loveit: Super Duper cool... :thumbsup:
the demonizer
#21 the demonizer 2011-04-04 16:19
25.05.2009 16:56

I too have it using it for years and still dunn wanna get rid of it :-)
#22 anand 2011-04-04 16:20
08.10.2009 06:47

I want to buy the Nokia 3250...when it is available in patna?..I love it :loveit:
#23 Taha 2011-04-04 16:20
05.06.2010 07:09

it is the best mobile i have ever used :thumbsup:
Dj Nitesh
#24 Dj Nitesh 2011-04-04 16:20
25.12.2010 16:54

this is the best mobile. :lol:

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