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It’s a rare employer these days that expects workers to stay consistently at one desk, in one office: travel and flexible working practices are the order of the day.

No longer does the word ‘workplace’ designate a cubicle: instead, it implies a state of readiness for a mobile workforce that is expected to spring into action any time, any place… at home, on a train or at a hotel, on a plane or in an airport, or at your company’s other offices. To make yourself ready for these situations, then, you’ve got to think tools: which apps can best facilitate your transition into mobile working? Here’s a few to get you started….

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One of the most popular and long-recognised instant-messaging apps is BBM. It’s available on the Nokia X family; here’s a quick run-through on how to use it.


Once installed from the Nokia Store, there’s an obligatory registration process that asks for details such as a username, password, a password recovery question and answer,


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CUPERTINO, California—March 18, 2014—Apple today announced iPad with Retina display replaces iPad 2 as the most affordable 9.7-inch iPad at $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model and $529 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. The fourth generation iPad features the amazing 9.7-inch Retina display, the Apple-designed A6X chip, ultrafast Wi-Fi, a 5MP iSight® camera which also captures 1080p HD video, a FaceTime HD camera, and support for LTE carriers worldwide,¹ all while delivering up to 10 hours of battery life.²  iPad with Retina display comes with iOS 7, featuring hundreds of great new features, including Control Center, Notification Center, improved Multitasking, AirDrop, enhanced Photos, Safari, Siri and iTunes Radio℠.³


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Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO series set a New Rule for the Tablet Experience at CES 2014

February&nbsp10, 2014


Introducing the Samsung GALAXY NotePRO.

From the immersive 12.2-inch 4 million pixel display to Multi Window features that bring a whole new level of productivity, the GALAXY NotePRO is sure to impress in and out of the office.


It's time for a tablet driven from progressive thinking and it's only a matter of time before our competition follows our lead.


GALAXY Tab changes the rules.


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We asked Jussi Nevanlinna, VP for Mobile Phone marketing, some of your questions about the new Nokia X family, why it’s important for Nokia and why customers will be delighted with the phones.

First of all, why now? Why is the timing now right for an Android-based smartphone from Nokia?

There are a couple of answers to that question.

To launch the Nok


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Nokia walks away with a gong for Nokia Lumia 520 and a historic win for the Nokia 105


It’s a feat that’s never been replicated in its 19-year history. The Nokia 105 has taken gold from a category shortlist made up of purely Nokia devices at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, held at MWC 2014.

It’s the first time a single manufacturer has made such a c


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Nokia announces five new phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. The phones are the Nokia 220, the Nokia Asha 230 and three smartphones in the new Nokia X family: the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

With these new devices, Nokia is underscoring its leadership in affordable mobile phones, bridging the gap between its Asha and Lumia


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Today Nokia introduces a brand new family of smartphones, the Nokia X family, a range of handsets that combines Nokia design, build quality and services with the ability to run Android apps.



The first three phones in the family – the Nokia X, X+ and XL – are priced between the existing Asha and Lumia lines, at €89, €99 and €109 respectively, to appeal to new smartphone users looking for popular apps and their first cloud services.

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Everything’s but a swipe away with Nokia’s most affordable Asha touch phone.

Announced today, the quad-bandNokia Asha 230 is rewriting the mobile rulebook. Packed with apps, maps and easy web-browsing, it’s a phone for all.

With Nokia Fastlane, the Nokia Asha 230 allows you to swipe to your favorite apps, tap to share with others and pull down to see what’s new.



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A new affordable entry-level device joins the Nokia family. And this time, it’s connected.

Building on the success of the Nokia 110, Nokia 220 is Nokia’s most affordable data phone to date.

With more people being able to access the internet from mobile, this device has far-reaching appeal.

Nokia 220 group


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Samsung WB350F


LAS VEGAS, US – January 07, 2014 – People who want to capture and share powerful and unique images can now do so with the elegant and impressively equipped Samsung WB350F SMART Camera. This state of the art compact zoom camera comes with 21x optical zoom capabilities and a 23mm Wide Angle lens as standard, allowing users to create images with striking depth and detail. Whether zooming in on a subject from a great distance, or capturing a sprawling landscape that stretches for miles, the device delivers sharp detail and bright images on every shot.

The WB350F is also furnished with an impressive 16MP BSI CMOS sensor. This eliminates the need to use a flash at inopportune moments or at events – as the superior sensor needs less light than its conventional counterparts, without sacrificing image quality.

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Samsung WB1100F

Samsung is proud to introduce an impressive new addition to its WB family of handheld zoom cameras, the WB1100F. The WB1100F brings users up close and personal with the subject of their compositions with its impressive 35x Optical zoom capabilities coupled with the device’s 25mm wide angle lens. The new camera allows owners to capture both depth and breadth in stunning clarity and detail.

Building on the device’s impressive zoom abilities, Samsung has developed and fitted the WB1100F with a Speed Control Key that allows users to move through the various levels of zoom with speed and ease. This ensures that fleeting moments are captured in deep zoom detail and not missed while focusing in on the action. The Speed Control Key can be used to activate both the zoom capability and Panorama mode which creates beautiful panoramic images in crisp and clear detail.

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Samsung WB2200F

Photographers with an eye for detail can now get even closer to the action with the Samsung WB2200F, a Super Bridge Long Zoom camera featuring an incredible 60x Optical Zoom. This premium model is intuitively designed and offers a powerful optical performance ideal for photographers who value high quality imagery, while the long life battery allows users to indulge their passion for longer periods of time than ever before.

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From today, Nokia Lumia WP8 owners around the world will start to receive the new Lumia Black software update on their smartphones.

The Lumia Black update combines a host of new features, improvements in imaging, new apps and app updates from Microsoft and Nokia to make your Lumia smartphone experience even better. So what can you look forward to, once Lumia Black is installed?

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While the Nokia Lumia 2520 is ideal for checking emails, updating Twitter or Facebook, and using Microsoft Office RT for creating documents for us adults, it’s also a great device for keeping the kids occupied on long car journeys.

As any parent will know, kids need constant stimulation and they also regularly demand to play with the gadgets that they see us use day in, day out.

Sometimes it’s easier to distract our kids, but sometimes it’s just impossible – such as when they’re strapped into the backseat of your car on a long ride. With the Nokia Lumia 2520, you can load it up with apps, such as the following, hand it over and keep your little one(s) entertained for as along as you need.

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When we launched Moto X, our goal was to solve real consumer problems and give people refreshing new choices in the sea of smartphone sameness.

We heard from people that they wanted more control in how their phones looked, so we introduced the Moto Maker customization tool and made it available on all major carriers. That enabled our customers to choose from hundreds of color combinations and, for the first time, real bamboo backs. We heard that battery life was a major pain point, so we engineered Moto X to go all day long. And we heard that having the most current software was really important to our owners, so we made sure that Moto X was the first smartphone to upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat.

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People all around the world want to be a part of the mobile Internet so they can access the world’s information, share, and connect with the things that matter to them. But the smartphone industry has relegated hundreds of millions of smartphone buyers to second-class status, preventing them from experiencing the mobile Internet at its best.

That’s because price-conscious consumers who don’t want to pay $600 or more for high-end smartphones have been left with two bad options. The first is to buy cheap, new smartphones made with second-rate technology that don’t do justice to modern apps and experiences like navigation, video chat and games. The second is to buy “low cost” versions of premium products that were released two or three years ago and are already obsolete.

We think there should be a better option. Everybody deserves to be on the mobile Internet, and price shouldn’t stand in the way of anyone having a truly good smartphone to get them there.

Introducing Moto G: An Exceptional Phone At An Exceptional Price

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Vine is now available to download for Nokia Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.



As part of the Twitter family, Vine enables you to create short, looping videos that you can share with the world on Vine and through Twitter and Facebook.

Each video you create is the shortened form of something larger – a maximum of six seconds.

Creating short movies might seem like a challenge, but the Vine camera and community encourage people to bring out their creative side.

Time-lapse videos are one way to bring a unique vision to life. In fact, it’s possible to get 140 taps (stops/starts) into any one Vine video, achieving almost 24 frames per second.

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