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Amazon Fire Phone: All you need to know http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/amazon-fire-phone-all-you-need-to-know.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/amazon-fire-phone-all-you-need-to-know.html

Now that the Fire Phone event is all wrapped up, what have we learned? We're getting a phone with a different look, but not a true 3D effect. Prime is involved, even moreso than the Kindle Fire tablets. If you’re looking for a one-stop destination for all your Fire Phone info, we’ve got you covered.


To start, the screen isn’t really a “3D” display. The orientation of the device gives you different looks at what’s on the screen, which is why Amazon is tracking your face with four cameras ont he front of the device. You get the opportunity to “peek” around corners and such in games, so it’s a cool addition — but likely not reason to snatch one up.

Firefly, though — that might be a reason people will want this one. The service lets you snap pics of objects you may want to buy, and links you to the Amazon listing for the item. Even better, you can save items for later, letting you just walk around snapping photos of stuff you want to buy.

Firefly also lets you snap pics of things that you want to save for info, like a flyer on a light post. You snap a pic, and it scrapes the image for details, then offers to save it in a readable way.


The camera seems important to Amazon, and it’s a decent one. A 13MP shooter has a f/2.0 aperture, which Amazon feels is the right hardware. They also give you unlimited photo storage, which is maybe the biggest deal about this phone if you’re serious about mobile photography. It also has a dedicated shutter button, so you can always get a quick pic snapped in a pinch. Three capture modes and "smart HDR" will also come in handy.


X-Ray is another neat feature, and it allows you to send a movie you find on your Fire Phone to a Fire TV. It also acts as a second screen to the Fire TV, giving you info about a show you’re watching.


The Fire Phone is a decent offering, and we like that it provides Prime features. Android 4.2.2 and Fire OS 3.5 will drive this one, too. The price tag is typical of a smartphone, but we expected Amazon to come in under the average. What do you say — interested in the Amazon phone? Let us know in the comment below!


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KitKat starts rolling out to AT T Galaxy S III owners http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/kitkat-starts-rolling-out-to-at-t-galaxy-s-iii-owners.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/kitkat-starts-rolling-out-to-at-t-galaxy-s-iii-owners.html


Samsung is now starting to roll out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat software update to Galaxy S3 owners on AT&T's network. The update will be pushed out via an over the air (OTA) software update and users are advised that WiFi is required to download. Hit the break to see the full change log.


  • Android OS Version upgraded to 4.4.2
  • New Lock Screen Access
  • Media Controls - full-screen album art and media controls when listening to music
  • Camera Shortcut - access the Camera application right from the lock screen
  • SMS App Chooser - select a default application for sending and receiving SMS text messages
  • Restyled Status and Navigation Bars - status and navigation bars are translucent and can sit on top of apps, along with simplified status bar icons
  • AT&T Drive Mode is changed to DriveMode
  • "Beat Music" Pre-loaded
  • Video player closed captioning Settings > My device > Accessibility > Google subtitles (CC) and Samsung subtitles (CC)
  • Unified Location Menu: Settings > More > Location Location Settings is same as Location service in JBP. User can set the Locating method and check the recent location requests
  • Expanded Emoji Icons
  • Wireless Printing is added. You can add printing support to your apps or develop print services to support specific types of printers. Apps > - Settings > Connections > More networks > Printing
  • Prevention Information pop-up message is suppressed.
  • Copy & paste improvements
  • Email allows inline editing
  • Phone/Dialer user interface enhancements
  • Settings changes
  • Bluetooth enhancements
  • Immersive mode addition
  • Keyboard enhancements
  • HCE (Host card emulation) Enabled
  • UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card ) is set as default
  • GMS apps update (GMS 4.4.2_r2).
Source: Samsung

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Improved fitness and better sleep arrive on Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/improved-fitness-and-better-sleep-arrive-on-gear-2-gear-2-neo-gear-fit.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/improved-fitness-and-better-sleep-arrive-on-gear-2-gear-2-neo-gear-fit.html



Samsung has issued a software update for the Gear Fit, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo wearables. The update includes some pedometer fixes, and enhancements to user experience.

Samsung says that this update makes the pedometer of their devices more accurate, and it now starts counting steps automatically. Higher pedometer step goals are now supported, and data is now transferred more easily. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor has also been improved. Sleep mode now disables the screen wake-up feature. Finally, you will now have more options for messages to send when you reject a call, and you can even create custom messages.


The update is rolling out today, and your paired Galaxy device will be alerted when the update is available for you.

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Our First Look At Adobe’s Ink And Slide Tools For The iPad http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/our-first-look-at-adobe-s-ink-and-slide-tools-for-the-ipad.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/our-first-look-at-adobe-s-ink-and-slide-tools-for-the-ipad.html {youtube}EzX486tP4xs{/youtube}
Today Adobe unveiled the Ink and Slide, its first foray into the realm of hardware gadgets. The company describes the pair of gadgets as a “Creative Cloud Pen and Digital Ruler.” Basically, it’s a smart stylus that syncs with your iPad over Bluetooth and offers some nifty features when used together with Adobe Line, a new app available today for the iPad.
In the video above, Adobe Director of Innovation Strategy David Macy explains what sets the company’s tools apart from what’s already out there on the market.

From its curved, anodized aluminum body that fits well in your hand no matter the position to the digital ruler that doesn’t require a battery thanks to a smart use of magnets to simulate multi-touch points on your screen, the Ink and Slide seems to be a quality piece of hardware.

Designers interested in adding Ink and Slide to their workflows can buy it directly from Adobe for $199. As suggested by Adobe’s description, it’s best for those who already pay up for a subscription to the company’s Creative Cloud service, as that gives access to unlimited backup of your work in Adobe Line as well as the ability to send the work you started on your iPad over to the  full versions of Photoshop and Illustrator on the desktop with the tap of a button.

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Adobe Photoshop Mix Review: Touch-Based Selective Photo Editing Done Right http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/adobe-photoshop-mix-review-touch-based-selective-photo-editing-done-right.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/adobe-photoshop-mix-review-touch-based-selective-photo-editing-done-right.html {youtube}a1bfmtt6txM{/youtube}
Adobe has a new Photoshop app for mobile out today. But it’s entirely new, as in not an update to either Photoshop Touch or Photoshop Express. The app, called Photoshop Mix, is an iPad exclusive at launch, and it aims to fill a gap between the company’s existing products by providing users with some unique editing functions aimed at making sharing-friendly remixed images quickly and easily.
So what exactly does that mean? Basically, Mix is based entirely around the concept of creating simple two-layer compositions that use stacked images to produce interesting results you won’t normally get from one picture with filters applied. The key to all the magic is Adobe’s new intelligent selection tool, which makes it easy to highlight just parts of the image, which you can then either cut out from the background (or foreground), or apply filters and edits to separate selections from the rest of the pic.
Based on my usage, the method Adobe has created for selecting areas of an image to separate is unmatched on touch-based devices in terms of ease of use and accuracy. It’s not perfect, but it’s as close as you can possibly get when you’re not using fine detailed instruments like a Wacom tablet or a high-DPI mouse. And you can feel okay about picking up a little more than you intended to on your first pass – switching to “Remove” from “Add” lets you easily edit out parts you didn’t mean to pick up after the fact.

Read more http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/18/adobe-photoshop-mix-review-touch-based-selective-photo-editing-done-right/?ncid=rss

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Google Updates Gmail For Android http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/google-updates-gmail-for-android.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/google-updates-gmail-for-android.html



Google has just updated their Android for Gmail app, and this means that you as the end user will be able to enjoy a slew of new features that ought to enhance your portable Gmail experience. Of course, the update will most probably be installed by just about everyone over the course of the coming few days, and there are plenty of new features to get excited about, including the ability to save to Google Drive. This means you no longer need to use up precious storage space on your device due to downloading email attachments, but you will be able to save those directly onto Google Drive, that makes it accessible also when you are at the office with a computer but do not have your smartphone with you.


Apart from that, Google has also thrown in explanations as to why certain emails end up in your Spam directory, so that you have a better idea on how things work. There is also improved RTL support which will go down well with those who use languages that are written from right-to-left (RTL), including the likes of Arabic, Hebrew and Persian, as it makes life a whole lot easier and more natural when using Gmail.

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Windows Phone 8.1 Enables Hi-Res Lumia Photos Backed Up To OneDrive http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/windows-phone-8-1-enables-hi-res-lumia-photos-backed-up-to-onedrive.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/windows-phone-8-1-enables-hi-res-lumia-photos-backed-up-to-onedrive.html



Are you one of those folks out there who are rocking to a Windows Phone 8 device? Well, most of the Windows Phone-powered smartphones from Nokia tend to come with a decent camera, which some other high end models would have the ability to deliver stunning shots instead. With Windows Phone 8.1, it will allow the Nokia Camera app to send such photos to the OneDrive’s backup folder. Previously, only low quality photos will enjoy this privilege, but now, high quality photos would be on the receiving end of such treatment, although it will require you to hook up to a Wi-Fi network instead.

Seems to be the perfect way of making sure that your most recently snapped photos are stored away safe and sound elsewhere, so losing your handset would not have too much of a negative consequence along the way.

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New Yahoo Mail App Hits Android http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/new-yahoo-mail-app-hits-android.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/new-yahoo-mail-app-hits-android.html



There is a spanking new Yahoo Mail app for Android in town, and you can be sure that it will not lose out to its Yahoo Mail for iOS rival, either. The latter was released a couple of weeks ago, and with Yahoo Mail for Android, it will offer a somewhat similar experience, albeit there will be a little bit more to tantalize you. In fact, this new Yahoo Mail for Android app comes with two more features that cannot be found anywhere else – all that you need to do would be to swipe left or right or tap the relevant icon in the upper right-hand corner of your display, and you will be able to move between your inbox, news stream, and Today in a jiffy.


Apart from that, the Today icon will also show off information such as the local weather, sports scores, news headlines, popular videos and photographs, where all of this is made possible courtesy of a new Flickr integration. Those who are interested will be able to pick up the new Yahoo Mail for Android app in Google Play already, while you will have to wait for a while more before checking out the News and Yahoo Today experience.

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ZTE Concord II Available On T-Mobile http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/zte-concord-ii-available-on-t-mobile.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/zte-concord-ii-available-on-t-mobile.html


Are you currently on the lookout for a highly affordable handset that will not break the bank, and yet is more than capable of doing all that you want to do with a smartphone where communicating is concerned? If you have answered in the affirmative, then the ZTE Concord II from T-Mobile looks set to fit the bill perfectly, where it is also touted to make its way to MetroPCS next Monday, May 19th.



As for the hardware that the ZTE Concord II will arrive with, you will be able to enjoy a 4” Gorilla Glass 2 display at 480 x 800 resolution, where it will run on a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon MSM 8210 processor, accompanied by 1GB RAM, a microSD memory card slot to keep the 4GB of internal memory company, a 5MP rear-facing camera, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice, and an 1,820mAh battery.


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