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Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO series set a New Rule for the Tablet Experience at CES 2014 http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/samsung-galaxy-notepro-and-tabpro-series-set-a-new-rule-for-the-tablet-experience-at-ces-2014.html http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/samsung-galaxy-notepro-and-tabpro-series-set-a-new-rule-for-the-tablet-experience-at-ces-2014.html Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO series set a New Rule for the Tablet Experience at CES 2014

February&nbsp10, 2014


Introducing the Samsung GALAXY NotePRO.

From the immersive 12.2-inch 4 million pixel display to Multi Window features that bring a whole new level of productivity, the GALAXY NotePRO is sure to impress in and out of the office.


It's time for a tablet driven from progressive thinking and it's only a matter of time before our competition follows our lead.


GALAXY Tab changes the rules.



For more information about the GALAXY NotePRO, click here: http://www.samsung.com/global/microsi...

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Samsung GALAXY S5 First Look http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/samsung-galaxy-s5-first-look.html http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/samsung-galaxy-s5-first-look.html Samsung GALAXY S5 First Look

February&nbsp24, 2014

Live from #UNPACKED in Barcelona, we go hands-on with the latest addition to the GALAXY series and the new wearables.



Join us behind the scenes with host Frankie Vu as we get up close and personal with the Samsung GALAXY S5 and Gear Fit. The new S5 is equipped with a faster, more robust camera, improved durability, a 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, finger scanner, and heart rate monitor, to allow greater integration with your day-to-day life.

Read more http://www.samsungmobilepress.com/2014/02/24/Samsung-GALAXY-S5-First-Look

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Sony Mobile press conference #MWC14 http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/sony-mobile-press-conference-mwc14.html http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/sony-mobile-press-conference-mwc14.html Missed our live tweeting from the press conference yesterday? Not to worry, here’s the full length video.





Read more http://blogs.sonymobile.com/2014/02/25/sony-mobile-press-conference-mwc14/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=sony-mobile-press-conference-mwc14

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X marks the sweet spot http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/x-marks-the-sweet-spot.html http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/x-marks-the-sweet-spot.html We asked Jussi Nevanlinna, VP for Mobile Phone marketing, some of your questions about the new Nokia X family, why it’s important for Nokia and why customers will be delighted with the phones.

First of all, why now? Why is the timing now right for an Android-based smartphone from Nokia?

There are a couple of answers to that question.

To launch the Nok


We asked Jussi Nevanlinna, VP for Mobile Phone marketing, some of your questions about the new Nokia X family, why it’s important for Nokia and why customers will be delighted with the phones.

First of all, why now? Why is the timing now right for an Android-based smartphone from Nokia?

There are a couple of answers to that question.

To launch the Nokia X family, we needed to be able to create a product that was true to Nokia’s heritage in design and build quality. But we also needed to make it very affordable. Lots of different components had to come into place for us to create something that’s clear and easy to use, but also high quality and within people’s financial reach.

The other answer is that the market itself is moving. We’re the number one manufacturer in growth markets in the ‘entry-level’ and ‘feature phone’ categories. But a lot of those people are now aspiring to smartphone products. There are a significant number of users worldwide who are about to experience the Internet through a mobile device. As you can imagine, we want to be ready for them.


The Nokia X family is based on the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP). Does that put the future of the family at the mercy of Google?

To fully explain, this is a Nokia smartphone that runs Android apps. At its heart, we have AOSP on top of which we have added Nokia design and usability expertise to create the user interface that people see. Then we have added Nokia experiences like HERE Maps and Nokia MixRadio, and Microsoft services like Skype, Outlook.com and OneDrive. What we don’t have is Google services: this was deliberate. Instead, we have implemented Nokia and Microsoft services to create something truly differentiated.

So who is the target audience for the Nokia X family?

These are global products, which will be available pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea and Japan. We have a particular focus on growth markets – for example, India and China, Thailand and Indonesia then over to Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria, and South America, especially countries like Brazil, and Mexico. They are all places where we’re seeing this big shift from feature phones to affordable smartphones.

Our Nokia X family customers are young, social, very aspirational and are fans of Nokia. They love our brand and our product design. And they also love Android apps: the quantity and choice is very appealing to them.

So we’re offering them the best of three worlds:

Nokia design and build quality; Microsoft cloud services; and Android apps.


Does the X family compete with the Lumia family and maybe mean lost sales for Lumia?

Our approach to compete in the affordable smartphone market is twofold. While Lumia remains our primary smartphone platform and we continue to push the prices down, Nokia X addresses price points that are generally lower than those reached by Lumia, and we’ll keep pushing the Nokia X prices down even further.

In fact we see Nokia X as a stepping-stone to Lumia. With Nokia X we are bringing people the best of Nokia and Microsoft services and experiences, making a future switch to Lumia natural.

Some might see creating an Android-based device as strange considering that the plan is for Nokia’s devices and services business to join Microsoft soon?

I can’t speak on Microsoft’s behalf; what I can say is our strategy with Mobile Phones has been, and remains, connecting the next billion. Microsoft is equally focussed on ‘mobile first; cloud first’. As I have explained, getting people exposed to and loving Microsoft and Nokia services in the affordable segment creates a natural pathway to Lumia, which is designed to be the pinnacle smartphone experience.


Technology becomes cheaper all the time. When it becomes possible to create a Lumia for $100, will the X family be retired?

I think the key word is ‘family’. We will be announcing more products in the family over the course of the next year, and the price range it covers will change to suit the markets. We will be taking Nokia X into even more affordable price points.

What do app developers need to do to make their Android apps available for the Nokia X family?

The short answer is: nothing. In the vast majority of cases, Android apps will run very well on the Nokia X family, out of the box.

Furthermore, we’re working with developers to make it very easy to submit apps into the Nokia Store. In most cases, they simply republish their apps to Nokia Store .

Where apps depend on functionality that isn’t on the Nokia X family devices, like Google Maps, we’ve created API plugins for the Android SDK to allow developers to simply tick the box to use HERE Maps instead.


And what advantages can developers and customers gain by using Nokia Store?

Android developers stand to make big gains by supporting the Nokia X family. We have heard many times that they find it hard to monetise their apps. One reason for that is, in emerging markets, people are a lot less likely to have credit cards. The Nokia Store offers in-app payments through operator billing, and we have the largest network of operators signed up for that. It’s been shown through experience that when operator billing is available, then revenues increase by up to five times.

That’s one reason the Nokia Store offers a better alternative. The other is from the user’s side. The Nokia Store is curated. The apps are screened and scanned so you won’t bump up against malware or inappropriate content. So they can shop in our store with confidence and security.

And worldwide, people are very comfortable with using third-party app stores that aren’t owned by Google. In Russia, the Yandex Store dominates the Android marketplace. In China, Google Play isn’t available, so all app purchases are through third parties. So you see, non-Google stores are already the norm for most Android owners.

Thank you, Jussi, for your time! And keep asking questions, folks – we’ll endeavour to get you the answers.

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Nokia wins big at Global Mobile Awards http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/nokia-wins-big-at-global-mobile-awards.html http://www.66mobile.com/press-releases/nokia-wins-big-at-global-mobile-awards.html Nokia walks away with a gong for Nokia Lumia 520 and a historic win for the Nokia 105


It’s a feat that’s never been replicated in its 19-year history. The Nokia 105 has taken gold from a category shortlist made up of purely Nokia devices at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, held at MWC 2014.

It’s the first time a single manufacturer has made such a c


Nokia walks away with a gong for Nokia Lumia 520 and a historic win for the Nokia 105


It’s a feat that’s never been replicated in its 19-year history. The Nokia 105 has taken gold from a category shortlist made up of purely Nokia devices at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, held at MWC 2014.

It’s the first time a single manufacturer has made such a clean sweep, underlying Nokia’s pedigree and prowess in affordable mobile phones.

At a glittering awards ceremony, attendees watched on as the Nokia 105, Nokia 208, Nokia 515, Asha 210 and Asha 503 nominees were pitched against each other in the Best Entry Level or Featurephone category.

The judges noted the winning Nokia 105 for its

“outstanding value for money and battery life, which is driving penetration into more and more markets”

After collecting the award, Jussi Nevanlinna, vice president for Mobile Phones product marketing, said:

“Nokia is a global leader in affordable mobile phones, and an all-Nokia category in the Global Mobile Awards is quite a feat.”

“The team responsible for designing, building and bringing the Nokia 105 to market have a great reason to celebrate today’s win. I’m personally proud of all the nominated product teams whose hard work is helping Nokia connect the next billion.”

Read more about the Nokia 105.

Nokia also took home the “Best Low-Cost Smartphone” for the Nokia Lumia 520, trumping rivals Lenovo A390T, Samsung Galaxy Young, Sony Xperia E and the Xiaomi Hongmi.

“Every Nokia Lumia comes packed with a wealth of innovation, and the Lumia 520 is the perfect example of how we bring exciting technologies and experiences from the high end, to everyone. From the super sensitive touch screen and polycarbonate design, to free Nokia MixRadio and the Nokia Camera app – the Nokia Lumia 520 set a new benchmark for affordable smartphones. Launched here at MWC last year, this award demonstrates the great momentum for Lumia in the budget friendly range of the market, ” Samuli said.

Read more about the Nokia Lumia 520.

Nokia Lumia 520

Now in its nineteenth year, the Global Mobile Awards recognises the latest and best innovations across the mobile ecosystem including hardware, software, apps and services. In 2014, the Awards had more than 160 nominees competing for 38 awards in more than eight categories.

For a full list of winners and nominations visit: www.globalmobileawards.com.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition: hands-on from MWC 2014 http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/samsung-galaxy-s4-black-edition-hands-on-from-mwc-2014.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/samsung-galaxy-s4-black-edition-hands-on-from-mwc-2014.html The newest Galaxy devices, to include the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit, as well as the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are the focus with Samsung here in Barcelona. Of course, there is much more here on display at the Samsung booth. We happened to be in discovery and wandering mode, and happened upon the Galaxy S4 Black Edition, which was unveiled earlier in the month.

There really isn't all that much to say about the Black Edition GS4. After all, the specs should be familiar at this point. What is different here is the new look. Well, more specifically, this is a new look for the Galaxy S4, but an old look for the Galaxy Note 3. This GS4 has the faux leather back with faux stitching we saw announced with the Note 3.



This one in particular does feel a bit different in hand though. Nothing drastic, however the backing on the GS4 Black Edition seems to be a bit softer -- at least compared to the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Note 3. Otherwise, you can still expect the 5-inch 1080p display, Exynos 5 Octa 5410 SoC, 2GB of RAM, and storage options to includes up to 64GB.




Bottom line here, this could be a good Galaxy S4 for someone looking for a device with a bit more style. Moving past this one, as we suspect more have already dubbed the GS4 as being "outdated" and "obsolete" at this point, and we offer this reminder -- make sure to keep an eye on your MWC 2014 hub for more hands-on coverage coming out of Barcelona.


Read more http://androidcommunity.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-black-edition-hands-on-from-mwc-2014-20140225/

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Omate TrueSmart Elegance and Sparkle editions unveiled: hands-on http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/omate-truesmart-elegance-and-sparkle-editions-unveiled-hands-on.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/omate-truesmart-elegance-and-sparkle-editions-unveiled-hands-on.html

Omate is here at Mobile World Congress showing a new model, as well as some new colors. This latest is the TrueSmart Elegance edition and it was introduced to address on issue in particular -- the weight of the watch. We mentioned in our initial hands-on how the TrueSmart initially felt heavy, and while we were able to get used to it, those going with the Elegance model shouldn't have that to worry about at all.


We were told the TrueSmart Elegance edition watch is 30 percent lighter (as compared to the existing model). We wouldn't necessarily think of this as the second-generation model, however the difference in weight comes due to the difference in material. The Elegance edition is made of aluminum, versus the stainless steel in the original model. And as you'll see in the image gallery -- there is a new color, pink.



Aside from the differences in color and weight, this aluminum TrueSmart looks and functions the same as the original. There was a bit more though, Omate was also showing a TrueSmart Sparkle. This one features a band of White Zirconia Swarovski Gems. This one also happens to be a limited edition model.



That all being said, the Elegance, and naturally, the Sparkle edition models are a bit higher priced. The Elegance is $299, and the Sparkle is $499. For reference, the original models are selling for $249 (512MB/4GB) and $299 (1GB/8GB). Make sure to also check out our Omate TrueSmart hands-on and first impressions post from earlier in the day, and keep an eye out for more of a full featured review in the future.




Read more http://androidcommunity.com/omate-truesmart-elegance-and-sparkle-editions-unveiled-hands-on-20140225/

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HTC One wins GSMA's top smartphone of the year at Mobile World Congress http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/htc-one-wins-gsma-s-top-smartphone-of-the-year-at-mobile-world-congress.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/htc-one-wins-gsma-s-top-smartphone-of-the-year-at-mobile-world-congress.html

HTC One wins GSMA's top smartphone of the year at Mobile World Congress

LG honored for its innovation

Mobile World Congress

We're all patiently awaiting HTC's March 25 events in London and New York, where it's all but official that we'll get a new version of one of our favorite smartphones of the past year. (We did get a smaller announcement this week, with the Desire 816.) But today, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, HTC's current (and very much still relevant) flagship is receiving a pretty major accolade by the GSMA, the group that puts on this little show that we call MWC.


The HTC One wins "Best Smartphone." For HTC and the smartphone industry, from the folks in the suits to the boots on the ground, this is a pretty big deal.




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Papyrus note-taking app goes 1.0 with PDF import http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/papyrus-note-taking-app-goes-1-0-with-pdf-import.html http://www.66mobile.com/feeds/papyrus-note-taking-app-goes-1-0-with-pdf-import.html

Papyrus app

Now you can mark up docs easily with an S Pen

Papyrus is a promising note-taking app for Android that we first spotted at the Samsung Developer Conference, and they've finally reached the 1.0 milestone. Papyrus has been enjoying quite a bit of popularity in their beta period, having built up the core functions, but the latest update includes a premium feature for PDF importing. This means you can take documents sent to you by e-mail or elsewhere, and mark it up within the app. You can also export the final product as a PDF if you like.



Papyrus is a pretty slick app. Besides being optimized for active styluses like S Pens, the app is vector-based, meaning anything you write or draw can be scaled up without any loss of quality. Though the core app is free, there are a few of extras, like the new PDF import and a cloud storage feature pack, that are tucked away behind in-app purchases.

My handwriting is horrible, so apps like this usually get a pass from me, but I could see artists getting interested in this kind of thing, provided more brush types get introduced. On iOS, an app called Paper has done a phenomenal job of offering these kinds of functions, but without an Android port, I could see Papyrus laying the claim as the handwriting king of the Play Store. What about you guys? What are your favorite note-taking apps? Do you get enough usage out of your stylus? If you're thinking of getting Papyrus, check out our demo video below.



Read more http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/androidcentral/~3/AjskJiTc-5I/story01.htm

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