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Vodafone YouTube Mobile
 Vodafone, today announced an agreement with YouTube to offer Vodafone customers a YouTube experience on their mobile phones.

Launching in the UK initially, the agreement is expected to offer Vodafone customers in key markets across Europe the chance to access a version of the popular YouTube service directly from Vodafone live!

As part of the service, YouTube will provide a daily selection of new videos providing Vodafone customers with the entertaining experience they've come to expect from YouTube. Customers can forward links for their favourite videos to friends and family, upload their own content from their mobile phones and search across multiple categories.

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 Sprint Nextel 

Sprint Nextel Corp. today announced its plans to develop and deploy the first fourth generation 4G nationwide broadband mobile network. The 4G wireless broadband network will use the mobile WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) IEEE 802.16e-2005 technology standard.


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 Sanyo SCP-2400 Sprint

To help parents stay connected with their children and maintain some control of their children's wireless phone usage, Sprint  and SANYO today introduce the Sprint PCS Vision Phone SCP-2400 by SANYO.

This phone offers a free parental control feature, allowing parents to easily manage whom the child calls and who can call the child. A parent simply enters the phone numbers of those individuals the child is permitted to call and/or receive calls from in the phone's address book, and then clicks on the Parental Control icon on the main menu to limit use to Phone Book Only for both incoming and/or outgoing direct calls. After the parent limits the phone's use in this way, other phone numbers would be restricted. Parents can also lock services like Sprint PCS Ready Link and Sprint PCS Vision, which can help the child to avoid data charges that may not be included as part of the families' wireless pricing plan.

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AOL Goes Mobile in Germany 

AOL Germany CEO Charles Fränkl says in an interview that the company will launch a mobile phone service in Germany in 2006.

The mobile phone service is aimed to be an extension of AOL's internet platform. AOL users will have access to AIM, photo albums, blogs and more via the AOL mobile phone service.

Helio launched in the United States by EarthLink and SK Telecom in May is following a similar concept. Helio's 3G mobile services give you access to mySpace and other internet services.
There is no word yet as to whether AOL will also enter the mobile phone business in the United States.


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Samsung T509 Samsung and T-Mobile USA today announce retail availability of the thinnest bar phone available in the U.S. market, the highly anticipated Samsung t509. Measuring only 9.8 mm slim, the ultra-thin t509 can fit easily in the coin pocket of a purse or pair of jeans, and sports an eye-catching design with a host of multimedia features.

Available exclusively to T-Mobile, the award-winning t509 boasts an expanded 1.9-inch display ideal for supporting advanced multimedia features including messaging and snapping vivid color images taken with the integrated camera. The t509 also features high-speed EDGE connectivity and Bluetooth® wireless technology, enabling consumers to record and share videos, and to download T-Mobile’s latest content – from ringtones and CallerTunes® to games, graphics and more.

 The t509 joins Samsung and T-Mobile’s successful slim predecessor, the sleek black t809 slider phone, in a long line of innovative devices that break the mold when it comes to wireless design and functionality. Both phones support impressive multimedia features, incorporate bright color screens and measure less than 15 mm in width.

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 3D Navi

 KDDI and Okinawa Cellular are pleased to announce the world's first [1] real cellular phone 3D navigation service. "3D Navi", the new service which displays intersections and landmarks in three-dimensional images, is produced by KDDI in association with NAVITIME JAPAN CO.,LTD. for the pedestrian "EZ Navi Walk", and will be available from later April this year. 

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 Orange Sim Card 
Mobile phone group Orange plans to launch SIM cards this year that can store up to 8,000 times the data stored on present day SIMs, potentially helping to transform a traditional phone into a multimedia player.

The France Telecom unit said on Wednesday the 512-megabyte "MegaSIM" cards could store up to 130 songs, three movies or 80 games, compared with existing 64 kilobyte cards which could at best store a phone book and some text messages.


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  While concern over Blackberry's future in the US continues, T-Mobile has launched the 8700G in UK. This new device features an Intel processor, 64MB flash memory and 16MB SRAM. The BlackBerry 8700g provides best-in-class performance for email, phone, SMS, Web browsing, organizer and corporate data applications in a lightweight, all-in-one device. A dramatically enhanced device platform, which includes an Intel PXA901 cellular processor, enables users to experience faster Web browsing, application performance and attachment viewing. Blackberry 8700G in UK 

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BT is set to launch a TV service for mobile-phone operators later this year following the successful completion of trials in the London area.

Last summer, BT Wholesale hooked up with Virgin Mobile to beam TV programmes direct to handsets using the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) network, enabling about a thousand people to access TV and music content on the move.

 According to BT, the results from the trial have been "extremely positive" and demonstrate there is "clear consumer demand for broadcast digital TV and radio to mobile phones".

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 Google and Yahoo, for the second time, announced new mobile activities on the same day. Their approaches, while quite different, will increasingly bring the giants into conflict in the emerging market for delivering consistent services and content across home, PC and mobile devices – and will enable them to challenge the handset makers and carriers to be the dominant mobile brands.

But while Yahoo is sticking to its core capabilities, and simply increasing the range of delivery platforms, Google has a wider agenda that will increasingly embrace the wireless network itself, and has even gained patents covering fast cellular data transmission.

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  T-Mobile USA has big plans for 2006, the company told BetaNews in an interview on Thursday. The carrier intends to complete the rollout of GSM 850, which has boosted its coverage area by nearly 40 percent, and finally establish its long-awaited 3G network. T-Mobile also believes it could top Verizon in Consumer Reports rankings of quality service.  

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Affiliates of terrorist organization Hezbollah cloned the mobiles of senior executives of Canadian operator Rogers Communications, including chief exec Ted Rogers. Even though the firm had technology in place to trigger alerts over suspicious departures in call activity, Rogers staffers were too frightened of inconveniencing bosses to do anything about the fraud, Canadian paper the Globe and Mail reports.

The scam only came to light after law professor Susan Drummond challenged a mobile phone of C$12,000 she received after her return from a month-long trip to Israel. The monster mobile bill listed more than 300 calls made in August to foreign countries including Libya, Pakistan, Russia and Syria. Drummond was told she'd have to foot the bill despite her protests than she'd never previously made overseas calls using the account. Her normal bill was around C$75.


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Cingular Wireless today announced the upcoming launch of Cingular Video™, an on-demand streaming video service that delivers fast, personalized access to high-quality video clips on consumers' high-speed capable (3G) phones.

To view the Multimedia News Release, go to: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/cingular/23356

Cingular Video lets consumers personalize their service so they can easily access current video content they want to see, including news, sports, weather and entertainment clips. In addition, Cingular is providing expanded ringtones, graphics, messaging, and games, delivering innovative and exclusive entertainment content conveniently to consumers' wireless phones.

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Cingular Wireless plans on Thursday to reveal a multiyear exclusive deal with HBO to send video clips of hit television shows including the Sopranos to mobile phones, Ovum analyst Roger Entner said.

Cingular, a venture of AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp., will use the clips to encourage customers to use a high-speed wireless network that it plans to expand from 16 markets to about 100 of the country's top markets next year.

Cingular and HBO were not immediately available to comment but Cingular has said it was holding a press event at HBO's offices on Thursday afternoon.

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 Using a mobile phone to buy movie tickets and check showtimes is one thing, but Sprint offers the whole movie.
Sprint Nextel Corp. is expected to announce on Monday that it has begun selling a service which allows users of its mobile video phones to watch full-length movies, television shows, concerts and comedy specials.

Provided by vendor MSpot, the service offers unlimited shows and movies for a monthly flat fee of $6.95, on top of regular service charges.

The announcement comes as Sprint and other wireless phone services are looking to video content like TV programs, music and sports to boost revenue.

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   Don't have a $1,500 GPS system in your car or a $750 device on the dash? No problem. Soon, anyone with a cell phone will be able to have a navigation system with turn-by-turn routing and voice instructions. That's the promise of Verizon's new service, VZ Navigator, which will be available as a $10-a-month or $3-a-day location-based service (LBS). The $3-for-24-hours service will provide an option for someone who needs the navigation service for just a day or two, while traveling. The monthly fee is per phone; initially, Verizon is offering no discounted family plan for multiple phones.

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The Vodafone logo will disappear from Manchester United shirts at the end of this season - May 2006 - after the two agreed to end their £9m a year sponsoship deal two years earlier than expected.

It may not mean the end of the financial love-in, though, as both parties are reportedly "keen to continue their successful relationship and are exploring an ongoing sponsorship deal". There is, however, speculation that pressure from fans on Voda to terminate the deal in protest at Malcolm Glazer's controversial buy-out of the club may have played a part.

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Google's first foray into providing blanket wireless internet coverage has proved victorious, with its home town of Mountain View giving the local company a five-year monopoly on providing Wi-Fi access.

Google will rent 400 street posts in Mountain View, California, for $12,600 a year, on which it will erect 802.11 hubs at a density of around 20 to 30 per square mile. The city wide network is expected to go live in June.

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Vodafone has licensed Universal Music Group's music and video content catalogue, allowing the mobile phone network to offer songs as audio downloads, video downloads and streams, and ringtones.

The "strategic alliance" doesn't encompass Universal's entire catalogue, at least not initially - only some 100,000 songs will be offered in the first instance. The tracks will be made available on Vodafone's Live! service "within a matter of weeks", the carrier said.