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Pantech IM-R200 

SKY announced the launch of its new sliding phone Pantech IM-R200 adopting OLED touch-screen keypad in Korea market.

Specs include a dual LCD system(2 inch QVGA LCD screen and a 1.6 inch OLED touchscreen keyboard on the bottom), a 2 MP camera with auto-focus, a front VGA camera for face recognition function, 116 MB of internal memory with MicroSD card support, 128 polyphonic ringtones and multimedia player with 3D sound. 



Chang Jin Park, Head of the Domestic Marketing Division, Pantech Group, said, "We are excited to launch an innovative touch screen slider, which is different from other touch screen phones on the market. By incorporating the touch screen keypad into a sliding form factor, the IM-R200 will help customers to embrace the touch screen as one of the major input technologies, while providing novel fun of using the touch-sensitive keypad."

This phone will only be sold in Korea by SK Telecom and KTF, with a suggested price around 600,000 KRW (~650 USD).

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